Always City Chic

Always City Chic
Hey girls. I was thinking about a night, or a day out in the city. For the day, depending on the weather, I would go with a pair of shorts and a cute shirt. If it is chilly or moderately warm, I would go with a pair of longer shorts ad a shirt with some longer sleeves. You could also use a cute dress, like the peach dress with the floral or watercolor-ish diagonal stripe. It is cute, functional and flirty. But if it is warm, a cute pair of shorts and an adorable tank top  could look good. For the beach, the lace swatch, in a shirt would look super cute over the peach bathing suit shown above as a coverup. Maxi dresses, shorts, lacy tops, and cute purses are all city chic for this summer. Peach-ish colors are very in this summer. Skinny belts, too. For the night, I suggest a black dress depending on the occasion, with a cute  hat and some bangles. If you go with a different color dress, I would say a silver or gold chunky necklace and some stud earrings. Shorts are good for nights too, so you don’t have to worry about smoothing your dress down all the time. I would suggest a dress, because for our ages, in the teens, should not be partying in downtown Chicago all night. Most of our occasions downtown are dinners and maybe a ballet or a play or an opera. Use this to your advantage to help pick out outfits for days and nights in the city!

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