1148 Cosmetics

1148 Cosmetics
Hey girlies! All of these things represent what I got at 1148 Cosmetics! Obviously, they didn’t use red lipstick, but I just wanted to put it in there. So check out the beauty page for great tips and cool stuff about the store! Oh, and also, see how the eye has purple eye shadow and how she also has brown eyes? Don’t they look great together? Anyways, this Polyvore represents the Beauty page, so go check it out! Right now! Thanks!
❤ Sammy

2 thoughts on “1148 Cosmetics

    • Hello! Thank you for the offer and we would love to write an article about your accessories but for some reason I can’t email you with out it saying the sending failed. Anyways Sunday is probably the soonest that we could start and complete the article. Thank you very much! -CCCKS

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