Three Outfits, One vest!

Three Outfits, One vest!
Hey, girls! As you can  see, there are three of the same jean vests that I paired with different outfits and accessories to create the perfect outfit (Everything is from Delia’s). For the first set, I paired the denim vest with a lace tube top, jean shorts, and a yellow bow tie necklace. To me, I think it’s the perfect outfit for summer! It’s super cute and casual, and that’s what I like about it.
For the second outfit, a floral strapless dress paired with a denim vest and black booties is really edgy, but girly at the same time. The earrings really add to the girly-ness, while the vest and shoes add to the edge. You can wear this almost anywhere, even a party! Sometimes all a girl needs is a little edge to her girly outfit.
For the third and final outfit, the tiger face tee goes really well with the black pants. The outfit itself already pretty edgy, so the necklace makes it more flattering and pretty. It’s a cool outfit to wear on your first day back to school!
I love shopping at Delia’s, because of all the cute and cool outfits they have. If you really want to make your mark on the first day of school, a denim vest is the way to go!
P.S. Sorry for the super-short article, but I hoped you got some fashion inspiration!
P.P.S. I know I write about beauty, but I just felt it would be fun to do this!

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