As much as I hate to say it, we will all be going to school in about 5 more blissful weeks. But why not go back in style with the newest trends? Patterned jeans are the trend for this fall. Whether floral, brightly colored, tie-dyed, e.t.c your regular old bluejeans are going to cry themselves to sleep when they see these adorable jeans.
You can get yourself a pair of patterned jeans from……

Urban Outfitters: I recently got two pairs of really comfy and cute pink and yellow jeans from here. They are pretty expensive, but there are lots of different colors, cuts, and styles.

Forever 21: They have a lot of options as well, for less. I mostly see the jeans go for around $25.00.

BP from Nordstrom: I personally don’t think that they have a lot of better options, but they just have some colors like blue and pink. The prices start at $28.00 and Forever 21 and Urban have much better styles.

Sorry about the short post, but keep coming back for more back-to-school trends!


New Trend: Sash belts

A sash belt can add color and shape to any otherwise loose outfit. You can use them as a regular belt with jeans of course, but also you can wear them with a boxy dress. Here are some examples:

You can get a cute sash belt from Etsy, Amazon, and American Apparel. Sash belts are cute and can be used in so many ways, which is why this trend is just so perfect. Also, remember that if you see any trends in your area and would like me to write about them for the weeks trend, just put them in a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

Peace, Love and Fashion,


Trend Setter: Halee Seinfeld.

She is a model for Miu Miu, and lets face it, her hair totally rocks. I love how she makes the simple white dress look exquisite and complicated. The clutch is also simple, but to die for. Her hair (again) is cute in a side braid and bow. Sorry about the short article, but keep checking for more trend setters!



The New Vintage Glamor:

To get the look of Vintage Glamor clean, crisp articles do wonders. An example of one vintage glamor piece is the blazer. I like blazers in lighter colors, such as a french cream or pastel pink. An example of a blazer in french cream for a reasonable price can be found at Loft, and is called the cotton sateen 3/4 sleeve suit jacket. Basically, it’s a blazer that comes in black, grey or french cream and looks very professional and preppy. But for my personal taste, I would rather buy the $20 pink blazer from H&M that also comes in the colors beige, blue and black. For our purposes, the beige blazer would be great, and go with almost everything. These are the blazers shown below.

(Pink blazer from H&M)                                                     (Beige blazer from H&M)

Finally I really like embroidered, pleated, or tiered skirts to go with the theme of Vintage Glamor. These three skirts are cute and would all look really great when paired with a white scoop neck tee to get the vintage glamor look. They are all from Forever 21.  To add a little pop of modern to the outfit, I suggest a charm bracelet, such as the ones from Juicy Couture.


Enjoy this trend while it lasts!

❤ Katie

Mission Glamorous:

Just as Paris has been an enormous inspiration in the fashion world, so has Glamourosity! (Definition; Glamour used not as a noun, but a verb). So basically, for June and July at least, Glamour is what you should be searching for. Outfits that pop, and would stand out in any room. Now that school is out, us ladies can look for sleeveless dresses, shirts, and rompers as well as wearing more daring outfits. We don’t need to color inside the lines this summer. Try edgy cutouts, which you can find in everything, and everywhere. Swimsuit cutouts and dresses with cutouts are probably the most popular, but shirts with low backs and cool designs are also everywhere this summer. Mission Glamorous; Create your ideal summer wardrobe using these cutouts, prints, and patterns. And I know it sounds kind of strange, and a little bit weird, but here are some examples of outfits that can clear your opinion of me, because after some of those sentences your opinion probably has it’s faults.

Here are two dresses from Forever 21 that have cutouts and cool back designs. I love both of them, especially the Blue Sweetheart dress. It is a bright, short length, altogether adorable little dress. It is from forever 21 and costs $15.50.


Come back for more on this post soon!

Bye for now,


Sun In: Pros and Cons


Sun in makes hair look good.

Is healthier for hair than dyes.

You can now also use a hairdryer to activate

Sun in.


Does not always look good in hair

Sun in is permanent, it does not wash out

It can last for over a year, and looks really bad when it is fading (roots!)

Conclusion: Sun-in can be good, but make sure you know what you are doing to your hair before using a ton. Test it out first on a small, hidden section of hair and make sure you like the results first.

Katie 🙂

Hair for summer: Every occasion, every day

Hey Ladies! As we all know, hair can either make or break an outfit. If you have a hair style such as a fancy up do with a pair of jeans and worn in tee, it breaks the outfit. But have that same hair with a pretty dress, and it makes the outfit.

Today in fashion we are seeing a lot of long, wavy hair and blowouts in the celebrity world. In the real world, I have been noticing buns, braids, and lots of just natural down styles.

Here are as few trendy hair styles to use in a few different occasion; dinner party, night out with friends, casual day around the house, and beach or pool. Two are more classy occasions, and two are more casual.

For a dinner party, try something like the braid bun in the picture to the left. All you need to do is dutch braid the hair into a crown in the front of the head. Do this by taking hair from very deep along one side of your head and braiding. Once done braiding, Twist the hair into a very low bun at the nape of the neck. When done correctly, this style offers a very complicated look, when really is quite simply done. If you can’t figure out how to do this style, try Heidi braids, which you can learn how to do from the tutorial I posted a while ago. Scroll down until you see the post titled “The Braid”.

For a night out with friends, you will probably be going into the city, or going to dinner, or going to a dance, e.t.c. Whatever it is that you are planning to do, it will most likely result in inside jokes, laughing, and lots of fun. So try this easy and fun style for a girl’s night out. First, wet your hair until it is damp. Then comb it out until it stays smooth, and tie it into a high ponytail (A high ponytail should be about 5 inches from the nape of you neck). Make sure it is tightly tied, or the final result will look sloppy. Split the hair into two almost equal sections. Take one section and braid it tightly. Then wrap the braid around the ponytail, making sure it lies flat against the head. Use bobby pins to pin until secure. Leave the last section of ponytail as your ponytail! I really love this style because it looks really neat when done correctly, and if you add some hairspray the look can last for hours.

We all have days that are more stay at home and watch T.V days. But that’s no reason not to look nice, right? For these casual hair days, let yourself be lazy and simply braid two front sections of your hair from both sides of your head. Once done braiding, pull them back until they meet at the back of your head, and tie with a small elastic. Fix the remaining hair around this style until it complements the braids nicely.

Finally, for a day at the beach or the pool, just have fun and pull your hair into a sloppy bun. Go ahead and be lazy for once. It won’t kill you, or your look to just have fun! I hope you find this look guide useful!

❤ Katie

Summer Jewelry:

During the summer, it’s hard to wear jewelry every day because you can’t wear it in the pool or at the beach. We also get lazy about accessorizing when we don’t see many people accept our friends and family. But I’m here to tell you that summer is actually the best time to accessorize! Jazz up that cute summer dress! Add a necklace to that tank top! There are so many great colors in the summer, too. At Juicy Couture, for example, you can find a ton of charms, charm bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, watches, e.t.c. But what I really like about Juicy Couture is the DIY page. In this page, there are lots of mini charms, necklaces that you can add and subtract charms (basically make them your own), and couture yourself letter charms! I love the idea of DIY jewelry, because then no one will ever have the same accessory as you. Be unique!

As well as having there ah-mazing DIY, try out one of the cute necklaces. Scratch that, you may need more than one! Though some may seem simple, sometimes simple is better. If your style is more along the lines of “big” jewelry, you can always try the link and charmy necklaces.

If you can’t find anything at juicy, try Charming Charlie. And if you can’t find anything at either place that fits you or your budget, try this DIY:

1. Find any old chain from a necklace, or get one from a craft supply shop. It doesn’t have to be a specific length, medal, anything as long as you like it.

2. Dig around in all of that old junky stuff you used to have as a kid, and see if you can find card board paper, or even better a bead kit of some sort. If you have only the cardboard paper, get a strong glue stick as well. Also, get some paper clips in silver or gold, depending on the color of the chain.

3 (BEADS ONLY). If you had the bead kit, then take on of the beads and a paper clip. The paper clips should be small and then, for later purposes. Unfold your paper clip, until it is in a straight line. The line can have some bends in it, but make it as straight as possible.  Then put the bead through the end of the clip until it is in the middle of the clip. Slowly and carefully work with the paper clip, bending i up and twisting it around the bead until you have half of the clip twisted around the bead. This may take some time and patience.  After you are done, do this to your other beads until you have the amount of charms that you want on your necklace. Get the necklace chain, and twisting the remaining amount of clip around this until they will stay. Perfect to what you need, and then you’ll have your very own DIY charmy necklace!

4 (PAPER ONLY). Cut the paper into half inch thick strips. Then take one of these strips of paper and tightly roll it THE LONG WAY. It will only work if you roll the paper the long way, NOT the wide way. Once done, take you glue and heavily glue the paper down, holding it for 30 seconds. If the paper will not stay, just tape it with clear tape carefully. Do this until you have enough paper beads for what you’d like, then get the paper clips. Straighten out the clip as much as you can, so basically until it is in a suitable line. Then put your paper bead through the straightened clip until it reaches the middle. Pull the ends of the clip up, and twist them around themselves until about a fourth of the clip is all that is left. Take this fourth, and twist it around your necklace chain. Repeat with all you paper beads until you have all of them on the chain. Adjust the beads until they stay on the necklace, and you have your very own DIY paper bead necklace!

Have fun with your summer jewelry!

Katie 🙂

Claire’s Movie Review

First Position

Most of us at Famine of Fashion are dancers so we really enjoyed this movie. The movie follows a group of very talented young dancers as they compete in the Youth America Grand Prix. In this competition, dancers have a chance to win scholarships or even professional contracts depending on their age. This movie shows people how hard the art of dance really is. It’s not just something where you get out of bed and say, “I’m going to be a prima ballerina.” It requires years of training and determination and only the talented ones will succeed.


Pool Bag Necessities

Now that school is out, or almost out, it’s time to start thinking about what we need for summer. Here are five things that will absolutely come in handy during your time at the beach, or pool this summer.

1. Sunglasses. I love how they come in so many styles and colors. They also have a ton of prices though. Everyone has a different price range, but for me $20 is the limit for sunglasses. You can get some cute glasses at this price range at forever 21. I especially love the style of the Round Sunglasses. They have lots of different colors and prints. My favorite are the floral prints and the blue colors. These adorable sunglasses are all under $6. For a more expensive pair of glasses, try

2. Coverup. Some people just use an old dress, or pair of shorts and a tee-shirt. But a coverup doesn’t necessarily have to be a coverup. A cute dress also works. You can get one under $50 at Abercrombie or Forever 21. I prefer a looser fitting dress as a coverup for the pool, because if the dress is tight then the fabric gets wet and shows the swimsuit straps.

3. Magazine. You can get them at Jewel Osco, CVS, or really any drug store or grocery store. I like Vogue and Teen vogue, because they are entertaining and have great advice.

4. Flip Flops. These shoes are cute, comfy, casual, and great to bring to the pool or beach. You can get a pair of flip flops at almost every clothing store, but at Old Navy there are tons of colors and styles to choose from, most for $10 or under.

5. Finally, bring a cold, refreshing, iced drink. I suggest an iced coffee, frapuccino, or any cold drink from starbucks. I love starbucks, but I am more of a tea person. So as well as iced coffee, if you like tea try an iced tea.

Sorry about the short article, but I hope you like the suggestions. Also, I didn’t include this because of the obviousness, but remember your swimsuit! Have fun at the beach or pool this summer!


Summer Spirit:

The pool is open, our beach bags packed, our tans growing ever closer. Inspiration is high at this time of year, and we all need to take that inspiration and be selfish with the amounts of it that we take. Here’s some inspiration you need to grab in order to be trendy, and some that’s better left untouched.

IN                                                                                                                                                 OUT                                                   

-Healthy options. Why not look good in that new bikini                        -Try to stay away from eating cake for every by trading that calorie filled venti frappucino for an meal and ice cream every time you need a equally yummy chai or rasberry iced tea?                                              snack. You can indulge yourself, just not every

-Look chic in a clean looking tank top like this one                             time you need a snack. Bikini season, people!

I especially love the back, which is another trend:         -Try to stay away from dark colors this

Designs on the back of your shirts, seriously, look              summer, and if you do wear a dark

around you. This pops up everywhere                                    color, complement it and make it

                                                                                                         appear less solemn.

-Bright lips, lighter eyes. Choose a lip color like this one and                   – You don’t need to apply such heavy eye

a lighter eye color.                                                                                               liner every day this summer. Try to stay

                                                                                                away from heavy liners and stick to more

                                                                                                natural eye colors

Hope this helps you prepare your summer wardrobe!

Love from,

Katie ❤

Paris: Ooh La La

For the loveless, macaroon-less, and inspiration needy. For the dreamers, the I-need-to-become-ers, and the fashionable Paris is always here! Paris is a never ending trend. Paris is an epidemic of chic. When I think of Paris, I immediately think of Benjamin Moore’s soft pink color called “sweet taffy”. Even just the name leaves a scent of cotton candy and antique book shops in the air. Laces, whites, soft pinks and blues, basically my childhood comes back to me in a very sophisticated way. I get to go to my Paris every day with my daily cup of tea and scone. You can get to your Paris without a struggle simply by breathing in the smell of roses. Also, Paris is in with fashion because it is very soft. Some examples are below of the lacey, light colors and ruffles. It all looks very much like you could find them in macaroon. For those who don’t know, a macaroon is a small filled-sandwich type cookie that comes in many bright colors. I also think of Paris when I see french manicures. I believe that the french manicure is the best type of nail art possible in the world. Some people like bright colors, but I think that a little white on the nails does the job. Here are the first three steps to Paris; laces, macaroons, and tea.

But that’s not all. Find your ultimate Paris with the extras in life, or otherwise known as objects. If you have an iphone, then find a cool Paris-looking cover to go with it like the one shown below! That will make you happy and your phone amazing. Also, Eiffel tower! I personally love to print out photos and post them in cool frames all over my room. I must have at least twenty that are saved and ready to print on my computer desktop. If your in to architecture, you can find an Eiffel tower figurine (sorry, I don’t mean to make it seem like an action figure or something!) probably almost everywhere. If not, there are cute little Eiffel towers all over the internet, like the one shown below. Step two to the ultimate Paris experience; iphone cover and Eiffel tower.

So to tie it all together, we girls all need a break from school, life, and where we live. Paris is always trending, and you can always be pampered and on vacation in the comfort of your own home with it in close grasp. Happy time=happy mind :)! It’s a chic way to get your mind off of everything. Find your personal paradise and take time to relax with some of the ideas. Have something to add, comment it! I’d love to hear from you, because everyone has their own idea of paradise. Thanks for reading, lovelies!


The Braid:

I love the Hunger Games books and movie. I think Katniss is a great role model, because she is brave and loves her sister, blah blah blah. You’ve heard that story if you read the books or watched the movie. But have you seen her style! That is probably one of the most copy-able things from Katniss. And the “Katniss braid” is the way to get her arena look. I found this tutorial on youtube and though it was pretty good, here’s the link: Katniss Braid.

So as you can see, the Katniss braid is basically a dutch braid. Easy enough, right?

Now try the Heidi braids:

They are so cute and daring! I love them a lot, and in fact tried them out a little bit ago and loved the look. The tutorial shown here is very descriptive and I found it helpful, but of course there are many versions of the Heidi braid and you can simplify or change to your liking.

Here is a tutorial: Dutch Braid

The Braid Bun:

I usually do a simple braid bun just by twisting my braid in a circle and applying bobby pins. But this is so much more complicated looking I love it. Again, its not really that complicated, but the finished product looks like an hour long project. Its cute and looks really pretty by the end. Also, there are many different versions, including the two shown under ‘Examples’.

Tutorial: Braid Bun

There are so many things to do with a braid. When in doubt, try something simple. But the Katniss, Heidi, and bun braids are all perfect for any occasion. I love to play around with my hair and these three braid variations are all amazing. Have fun with your hair and play to its strengths.

Have fun braiding!

Katie ❤

Hooray! We’re back!


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    Love Ya.

  2. Nicely done Katie I loved your articles! Especially the one on the home page! Good stuff! I better get writing soon! Yikes! Deadline is coming up!
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