Lights! Camera! DANCE!!!!!! Hi girls! It’s me, Claudie, and one of my partners-in-crime, Katie! We just had a dance show tonight, for MOMENTA. It is our dance school’s pre-professional dance company. So anyway, we will be blogging about stage makeup versus daily makeup. Ok, so we all know (or should know) that less is more when it comes to daily makeup. For stage makeup, it is the complete and total opposite. We need to put on layers upon layers of eyeliner and mascara, as well as falsies (Falsies are fake eyelashes). Bright red lipstick, a lot of blush, and lots of coverup and foundation for those pesky zits. But with daily makeup, a little bit of coverup, a light pink or natural color of eyeshadow, a teensy bit of blush, and a shiny pink gloss does the trick. On stage, the lights wash you out. You need to completely wash out your face to then draw back out your features. They are then bigger, and they appear more on stage. But with everyday makeup, your eyes don’t need to be completely black like they normally are for a performance. Basically, try not to overdo the black eyeliner  and stay with softer colors if it is not a performance. Well, that’s all we really need to say, so G’nite!

Claudie and Katie

A little bit of blue here, a dash of pink here, maybe I’ll even add some white into it…done. Doesn’t my eyeshadow look great? Uh, no. Eyeshadow is a big essential in makeup to really make your eyes say, “Hello! I’m a fun person who likes color!” .  Well, not really, but you know what I mean. It really makes your eyes pop. You want to wear eyeshadow the right way, so that you don’t look like a clown! I’ll be listing my favorite stort where you can get shadows, and where and how to apply it.

In my opinion, the best place to get your eyeshadows is MAC Cosmetics. They have so many cool colors to check out. Here’s proof: First, you want to apply shadow to your lid. For a brush, I would just use any old shadow brush, but not too big and not too small. It should be medium. I always feel I look very dead and asleep in the morning, so a bright, happy color really makes me look fresh. I like to use the color “Dazzlelight” because it’s a shimmery, light, creamy natural color that really makes you look glowing and happy :). Sweep it across your eyelids. You may need to apply it two or three times to get the full affect. Next, you’ll want to define your crease. Your crease is right above your eyelid, so if you feel on top of your eyelid, you should feel a crease. For that, use a MAC shade (All the eyeshadows I’m writing about are all from MAC) called “Satin Taupe”. It’s got a taupe, shimmery silver to it. It’ll really define your crease and make your lids look even more dazzling. Simply sweep it across your crease, but don’t add to much or too little. One or two strokes should be enough. After you’ve defined your crease, you want to highlight your brow-bone, which is basically right under your eyebrow! Use a light shade for this, something a close to your skin tone but a little lighter. Sweep it across your brow-bone until it seems to define it enough. When people look at you, all the attention shouldn’t be going directly to your brow-bone, it should blend in nicely with your skin tone. The final step would be to highlight the inner corners of your eyes. Take a small brush, and dab it in a light shade, like dazzlelight. Simply trace over the inner corners of your eyes, and it’ll really make your eyes pop even more. A cool trick I like to do to make your eyes look bigger is to line the waterline with a white eye pencil! I like to do that sometimes.

This is the pretty “Dazzlelight” eyeshadow.


Hey girlies!

Sammy here (I really loved Claudie’s article <3), and today I wanted to talk about effortlessly pretty makeup that you can use everyday. When you use huge chunks of makeup, I’m not going to lie: It can make you look like a clown! But, when you use light, easy, pretty makeup it will make you look pretty without you even trying! Some brands I think are good to use are Maybelline, and Sephora. For starters, you want a clean face. For that, just look at Claudie’s article! Then, you want to start with the basics. I always like to start off with my eyes, then my cheeks, and finish with my lips. For the eyes, start off with a pretty shadow that compliments your skin tone and eye color. I have a tannish, olive skin color and brown eyes. Something I might want to use is a light brown, maybe a little sparkly shadow. If you have dark eyes, you may not want to use a heavy white, because it won’t look as glamourous and soft as a sparkly brown would.

I like to use shadow thats natural, and when  I go for the eyeliner and mascara, that’s when you really start to get more into it. For eyeliner, see which color looks best on you. Browns, bronzes, and plum colors look good on people with lighter eyes, like blue, green, or hazel. A dramatic black liner can make dark eyes pop, but if you want a softer look, you may want a brown color. A forest green liner can define your eyes and make them pop. I like to use liner on my top lids, and on my bottom lids. You’ve probably heard me say this a million times, but I don’t like to use liner all over my bottom lids, only from the middle iris out. You should follow your eye shape when applying your eyeliner.

For mascara, you’re better off curling your lashes and using a lash curling mascara. For the full process, click on the link: I may have written that I while ago, but hey, it still works! I know, I know, I’m lazy for just posting the link but I really wanted to get started on lips and blush! I like gloss and blush that match and go together. It’ll give you a very put together, soft and girly touch. Cheery pinks and cool reds will give you a dramatic, yet somewhat light and girly look you can pull off anywhere. Whenever I apply lipstick, I always put on clear gloss on afterwords to give it a shine. For blush, it all depends on your skin tone. If you have a light skin tone, a soft pink and really make your face glow and look alive. Blush is easy to apply. Smile at yourself in the mirror and apply it to the apples of your cheeks.

I hope you enjoyed this article! The makeup I reccomended in this article can look great anytime, anywhere!

Thanks, girls! ~Sammy

Hey guys! It’s Claudie! Today, I wanted to talk about skin care. You ALWAYS NEED TO WASH YOUR FACE TWICE A DAY. Once in the morning, and once at night. In the morning, your wash cleans off the yuck and sweat from that nights beauty sleep. Your face will look refreshed and glowing after you wash it. In the morning, use a softer wash, a hydrating cleanser, to ensure that your face stays hydrated, so you don’t look dry and peely. In the night, use an acne cleanser, because odds are you did something active and sweat a lot. Once your sweat dries, it is a window of opportunity for acne to live, thus giving you pimples. :O. So at night, use an acne wash to clean off the yuck from the day, and also to decrease the size of your pimples, if you have any. I use the brand Glo-Theraputics. There is a wash called the hydrating gel cleanser, that I use in the morning, and there is the acne face cleanser, that I use in the night after a long day at school or at dance. Every once in a while go get a facial. Facials clean all of the little details that the soap may not get off, and create a better looking face that only lasts for so long. They clean up your blackheads, and get rid of them. The facials clean, exfoliate, and make your face look bright and glowing and energized. Hope you enjoyed this article!



I’ve been wanting to talk about taking care of yourself, like keeping clean with body wash, and cool lip balms with SPF in it. A great store that has these cool products is Bath & Body Works! I love Bath & Body Works because there, it’s all about products that will make you feel good abut yourself. They have pretty perfumes, sweet scented shower gels, and so many more stuff! I was recently there and got a shower gel called Secret Wonderland! The best products that I love there are called “True blue spa”. When I was at the store, I got the True blue spa Malibu Smooth Body Scrub, which you use after exfoliating with regular body wash (Like Secret Wonderland shower gel). The Malibu scrub will make your skin super smooth, just like people in Malibu! For fun summer lip balms that will also protect your lips from the sun’s rays, go with Bath & Body Works’ SPF 15 Mentha Lip Balm Stick. It says on the BABW (Bath and Body Works) website, ” Our SPF 15, mint-infused lip balm soothes and shields lips with shea butter, leaving behind a smooth, matte finish. Lips stay moist and protected while peppermint oil gives breath long-lasting freshness.”. It will make your lips feel like a million bucks! There is no tint of color added, though. At BABW, they have skin and face treatments too. Also from True blue spa is the “Supremely Smoothing Face Scrub with Apricot and White Tea”. To use this, you need to wash your face with regular face wash, and then rinse the soap off. Then, you can use the true blue spa. To use this, simply apply scrub to your finger tips and apply all around your face (KEEP OUT OF YOUR EYES OR NEAR YOUR EYES!!!), then rinse off with water. It will make your face feel super smooth! This is how the pretty Secret Wonderland bottle looks:

Thanks! -Sammy

Hey girls!

I wanted to talk about beauty essentials for summer! I think that the main essential everybody loves is fun, bright nail polish. Try fun summer colors like tangerine or turquoise to really stand out at the pool. Also, bright colored lipsticks are very trendy for summer, like bright reds. If you want makeup at the pool, go with waterproof makeup. The best brand I would suggest for waterproof makeup is L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara. For something natural but still fun for summer, try adding a cool shadow. I would say that the best eyeshadow colors for summer this year is a light brown, or a shimmery gold. Since it’s summer, you don’t want to have a ton of makeup. For going natural with eyeliner, try a pretty plum color on the top of your lips and on the bottom, but only from the middle iris out. You don’t want your eyes to look squinched together. I wouldn’t use blush over the summer since you’d be hanging around at the pool a lot. For a cute summer gloss, go with a cool salmon-ish color with a little bit of shimmer and shine to it. Also, if lipgloss has SPF in it, buy it! It will be good for summer. For hair, try the styles I suggested (the ponytail wrap and flip tail)! They look really cute for summer, and they are ponytails so they’ll get the hair out of your face. Oh — And don’t forget sunblock! If your tan like me, you might not need a whole lot. If you have fair skin, try something with SPF 50 and over in it. Sure it might be nice to tan, but even I need to wear it.


–Sammy 🙂

Hey girlies!

So sorry that I haven’t been posting in a while, out power was out and I’ve been super busy with skating all week. But today I really wanted to discuss hair! Hair is so special and easy to take care of if you treat it right. No matter what your hair type, you can always find styles that fit your hair type for a super flattering look that compliments all of your flawless features! Don’t know your hair type? Well I can tell you! For some people, finding their hair type is easy. For example, people with curly hair have (of course) a curly hair type. If your hair can sometimes be hard to manage and is very heavy, then you have thick hair. If your hair is slick and thin, then you have a thin hair type (That’s the type I have!). The last type is medium hair type. You know your hair is medium when it seems pretty healthy all the time, and it is not too thick or too thin. Here are some tricks about your certain hair type:

Thick Hair

Since your hair can be hard to manage, use conditioner when you shower to keep your hair smooth and soft. If you want to make people think your hair is thinner, try long layers around your face. To make thick waves straight as a pin, blow dry your hair in sections while pulling down with a flat brush. Also, be sure to aim your blow dryer down as well.

Thin Hair

If your like me, you have thin hair! To keep your hair bouncy and full of volume, use a volumizing shampoo to boost your hair’s body. Only use conditioner on the ends of your hair to keep the ends of your hair shiny and soft. Long hair can weigh hair down, so bangs or layers can give you a fuller look.

Curly Hair

The prettiest type of hair, if you ask me! Curly or coarse hair can be try because natural oils don’t get disturbed. Use conditioner every time you shower. If your hair is dry and you want to use conditioner, try a deep conditioning treatment every once in a while. Keep your curls curlier by air drying whenever possible.

The Middle Type

Not to thick…Not too thin…That’s medium hair! You don’t need to use too much styling products because you have healthy locks. It’s good to use conditioner every once in while, but do not use it everyday. Medium hair can be oily at the roots of your hair, so try to wash often with an oily hair shampoo. When it’s hot an sunny, protect your hair by wearing a hat and using moisturizing shampoo.

The Coolest Styles

Flip Tail: Make a low pony and tie off with an elastic. Reach underneath your ponytail and use your finger and thumb to make a file in the middle of your hair above the elastic. Grab your ponytail and flip it through the hole. It looks great and it’s good for summer when it’s boiling hot outside!See how pretty it looks?

Ponytail Wrap: Make a ponytail, but leave a one inch strand of hair underneath the tail out of the elastic. Wrap the loose piece of hair around the elastic about two or three times (enough times to get the elastic completely covered). Tuck the rest of the strand into the elastic under the ponytail and pull it through. Come the strand of hair into your ponytail.It’s so gorgeous!

I hope you found out a little about your hair and enjoyed the two hot summer styles I picked out. There are always a ton of styles for you to choose from, so try some out!



Hey girlies! You guys know that the new movie Brave came out in theaters last Friday, right? Well, from what I’ve heard, its awesome! Its been proclaimed the #1 Movie in America, and got 3 out of four starts by Chicago Sun-Times author Roger Ebert. I really wanted to do a Merida inspired makeup tutorial! I know, pathetic, right? Well I think it’s going to be fun! The thing that really make Merida herself, is her huge, curly, auburn hair. To get the volume and curls like Merida, use a large volume hairspray, like Goldwell Style Sign 4 Big Finish Volume Spray for the low price of $12.99 at beauty Apply that to your hair, and wait a while for it to set. You next want to take a curling iron and curl your hair by taking about an inch, and curling it around the iron. Do that with all sections of your hair. If you don’t want to make your hair big and curly’s like Merida’s, you don’t have to — Its just to make the look seem more interesting! For makeup, start with a little foundation to match your skin tone, and apply it to your face to get rid of any pimples or spots you have. To start off the look, apply a cheery, rosy blush to your cheeks. Merida’s cheeks were always pink. Not from being embarrassed, its just natural for some people. For lips, try a salmon-y melon-ish kind of color. Merida’s lips have that kind of shine to them, so you’ll definitely need the gloss. The look just won’t be the same without them! For the eyes, you won’t need mascara, but you will need eyeshadow and eyeliner. For the shadow, try going with a green or blue. Merida had bright, blue, eyes. If you don’t have blue or green eyes, you’ll need the shadow to fake it. Even if you do, you’ll still want it. For the eyeliner, take light brown liner and apply it all around the eyes. Do the top lid, and for the bottom lid apply it to your waterline. If you don’t have red hair, people might not recognize you . . . but that’s okay! The setting of the movie is in the 10th century in Scotland, so people didn’t wear that much makeup. But, this is a very natural look. You’ll look great, I promise! If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you should go see it! Its the perfect family movie for all ages.

I hope you love your new look!


Hey girls! Yesterday me, Claire, Claudie, Katie, and Christina all went to 1148 Cosmetics and had the time of our lives! The lady who have me my makeover had some really helpful tips! I’ll start off talking about the products she used:

1. A sparkly, lavender shadow looks great with brown eyes. It really brings out the sparkle and shine in your eyes.

2. When you want something more natural and flattering, use brown eyeliner, not only for brown eyes but all the time for something more natural.

3. When applying mascara, you want to blink when the wand is on your lashes to get a lot of the coat on your lashes.

The store 1148 Cosmetics in general is such a great, fun store! They have the coolest products on display, so its super cool to check them out. When the lady was applying makeup on me, she only used the eyeliner on my top lid, which seemed better then using it on my bottom lid which I think would make my eyes look to squinched together. Normally, I don’t wear that much makeup, but this look is very natural and girly, so I’ll definetly be trying out this look again! You don’t need a ton of makeup to feel good about yourself. With a few natural colors, you could look great without all that heavy makeup. You don’t always need to go natural, and its okay to experiment with different colors to see which ones fit you best!

Thanks girls!


P.S. The wonderful people at 1148 Cosmetics gave us the best mascara ever!

Told you it was the best! Its the best mascara in the world! We love it! Its by Maybelline. 🙂

Hey, girls!

Today I wanted to talk about some awesome stores you can find hot makeup at! I’m going to list my top five fave stores, and then I wanted to discuss my new favorite beauty store!

1. Maybelline

2. Sephora

3. M.A.C.

4. Mary Kay


I love all these stores because they are always coming up with such great products that are fun and easy to use. As many of you already know, I love Maybelline! And, Sephora is great too because the store is great, and basically all of their products are so wonderful and are at a decent price, too. M.A.C: I LOVE their lipgloss and blush. If you want to have a sweet, kind of pink look go with M.A.C’s pink gloss and rosy blush. It will really lighten you up in such a sweet, fun, and fresh way! Plus its barely any makeup at all. Mary Kay has my favorite eye shadow and eyeliner. In my opinion, they have the best makeup to make you feel good about how you look. Normally in makeup I might feel self concious, but in Mary Kay’s makeup, it makes me feel like a million bucks. 😉 I like ULTA because they have stylists there and will tell you what looks best on you, and the best makeup for your features! My new fave store I really wanted to talk about was 11/48 cosmetics. I think they only have it in Chicago, but I’m not 100% sure about that. Me, Claudie, Claire, Christina, and Katie will all be going there soon! I can’t wait! By the looks of the place, it seems to be black and white (very modern). I am SO excited to get makeovers. As soon as we go, I’ll make sure to give you the scoop of what happened 🙂

Thanks (sorry for the short article)!


Hey girlies!

I wanted to talk about natural beauty. I know that some girls think this is thick eyeliner, LOTS of mascara and bright red lipstick. But it doesn’t. Au natural is a french term that means ‘the natural.’ Au natural makeup should complement your face. Makeup should be you, only better. Makeup should also enhance your features. Tan and gold eyeshadows are pretty natural. Brown eyeliner enhances the eyes. Black eyeliner seems a little bit over powering. Black is good for stage makeup, when the people in the audience need to see your eyes. Pale lip gloss or lip stick also works. Burts Bees chap stick moisturizes. If you get the tinted chap stick, your lips get moisturized and there is a little color added. The color isn’t much, but it just makes your lips a little darker, enhancing your face. At Jewel, there is liquid foundation that you can test on your skin. There should also be a mirror to see if the color matches your skin tone. There is also a brand called Illuminaire. It sounds french, but it has sunscreen in it, and it evens out your skin tone. Just make sure that it matches your skin tone, so where the face connects to the neck the skin color matches.

Hair. This picture is soooo cool.

The braid going around the entire head in the front is called a lace braid. Instead of french braiding, you only take hair from the front, instead of taking it from the from and back. Then, take the remaining hair and separate into two pieces. take the piece from the back and pullet into a clean ponytail. Then start to french braid, starting at the back of the head. Make sure to pull it tight, so the braid is not loose. Make sure that before you start you figure out how to lace braid. Otherwise it would look loose and messy. Thanks!


Hola chicas! ¿Cómo estás hoy? Just kidding! Anyways, if you didn’t know, that means, “Hello girls! How are you today?”. Today, I’m going to talk about getting perfect, healthy hair. I’ll also be mentioning the right hair products to use when you’re in the shower, and when its okay to use the curling iron (You shouldn’t use a curling or straightening iron everyday! It could badly damage your hair). If you’re noticing large, unflattering, grease clumps in your hair everyday, you should shower everyday! As you grow older, your hair will need more care and protection. I don’t shower everyday, but about every two days. My hair doesn’t get greasy or sweaty, so for me its unnessessary to shower everyday. If your active in sweaty sports like tennis or soccer, it would be a good idea to shower daily. For hair-care products, I love to use Herbal Essences. They have great volumeizing shampoo and conditioner to give your lucious locks body and bounce. It sure beats sweating it out in the gym! Since my hair is fine and flat, I need to give it some volume to make it look nice. You don’t have to use volumizing shampoo and conditioner if you don’t need it, but some girls just prefer having volume and body to their hair. When I’m in the shower, I shampoo and lather twice, but I only condition the ends of my hair to prevent split ends. If you condition all of your hair, it could weigh it down. Its always fun to use the curling and staightening iron now and then, but using everyday could badly damage your hair! I hardly ever use the straightening iron unless I’m doing a fancy photo shoot, or if there’s a special occasion. I only use the curling iron for major figure skating competitions (I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it, but I do competitive figure skating! For competitions, its all about the hair and makeup because its the first thing the judges are going to notice!). When you’re straightening your hair, don’t just grab a chunk of hair and start to straighten it. You want to take about a small section of hair, and straighten it from there. If you can’t reach the back of your head, you can simply look into a mirror. For curling your hair, I found a fun way to do it iron free (Claudette taught me this cool trick! It works really well on Katie if you’ve seen her hair.)! First, start with wet hair. Comb it out first, and then flip all of your hair over your  head and start bunching it together, like your making a fist. Do this rapidly, and don’t stop to brush your hair even if it gets tangly. You’ll make up with beautiful curly hair! Its so fun and easy! I love playing around with hair and trying out new styles. I hope this article helped!


Hey girls! I’ve been really inspired by cool nail prints that will be great for summer. Here is a Cheetah / Leopard nail tutorial! It looks really cool when its finished.

See? Its super fun and cool, and gladly they’re not stick-on nails. Its always fun to experiment with nail polish and nail designs, so don’t be afraid to express yourself with nail polish! Also, you can instantly turn a solid color into a super fun design with nail pens. You can use Nail Polish pens to make pretty designs on your nails, and they come in lots of colors. I like to use white with a dark color to make it really pop! Here’s a nail design tutorial for some ideas:

It looks so pretty, don’t you think? Remember, don’t be afraid to be creative and fun when it comes to nail polish. Sure, pretty solids are cute, but I love to be artsy and make them look cute with art designs and cool prints.



Beauty Icon: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is not only an actress but a singer and she is evening making her own perfume line. She always has a fresh clean look that I want to talk about now because I think it will be perfect for summer. According to Seventeen magazine, Selena loves Yves Saint Laurent’s concealers, shimmery glosses, and blushes. All which are feminine, neutral products. It also said she was a fan of Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs, which is a very flowery scent. If you want to get Selena’s look, here is a Teen Vogue video with all of her beauty secrets:

Here is a Selena inspired make up look:

And another!


Claire (Sorry for the quick article)

More fun tutorials!

Hello lovlies (everyone seems to be using that nowadays)! Today I wanted to talk about natural makeup! After all, summer’s coming up and for me, I usually don’t wear makeup during summer – who needs makeup during summer?! Some people do. . . anyway, the thing about natural makeup is that its very light and it goes well with your features. To me, natural makeup includes the following:

  • Eyeshadow
  • Mascara
  • Lip stain
  • Ointment (KIDDING!!!!)

I was kidding about the ointment, hahaha but everything else would probably be good. For mascara, stick to the basics. Brown, black, or blue are good. To apply mascara almost-perfectly, you can either check out the article I wrote about perfect lashes, or you can save time by following these simple steps:

1. Curl your lashes! Start with your upper lashes, and curl a section about two times. Curl upward. You can do you bottom lashes too if you like, but the steps are the same as above.

2. Apply lash-curling mascara to your curled-lashes. As your applying, blink several times to get a full coat. For your bottom lashes, be careful not to smudge! Don’t just jab the wand into the mascara holder (I don’t think its called that) and pull out a glob of mascara and start applying, get a small amount and use the tip of your wand to gently apply to your bottom lashes.

3. Wel. . . thats it! The mascara I recommend is basically any lash-curling mascara because, hey, they all work pretty much the same! The color depends on your skin tone. Dark tones: Black mascara. Olive/tan: Brown! Fair: Something like blue, or maybe black for a “bad girl” look (once again, KIDDING!!!! But it will have a more edgy look to it).

Lips! Yay! Okay: I like to use lip gloss with lip stain, not lipstick. After all, you wanna go natural! Choose something cheery, like red or rosy. This color works on anyone! A rosy color will go even more perfect with any skin tone!

Shadow: There isn’t much to say for this: Choose a shade close to your eye color with a lil’ sparkle to add a little glamour to your natural summer look. If you have blue eyes, don’t choose a summer glittery blue, just go with a light shade, almost gray.

Since you guys know me, I write kinda-short articles. Soooo….this article is short! But helpful! I hope! I’m hyper today!

Bye! Thanks!

Sammy ❤ 🙂 😀 😉

Beauty Icon: Taylor Swift

Hey people! As you can see, today I chose Taylor Swift as my Beauty Icon. I absolutely love her music, and, of course, her style! In one my previous posts on Beauty I mentioned something about how gorgeous Taylor’s red lips look. I also love Taylor Swift’s new haircut–bangs! Bangs can look good on anybody, and Taylor’s bangs are more soft and wispy, so she can easily pull them to the side when she wanted to. 

The thing that I love about this look is that she used the black eyeliner all around her eyes, while also using a light pink gloss for a sweeter look. I also adore her choice of eyeshadow, which looks like it’s maybe honey colored. I love it when you have edgy eyeliner paired up with a light makeup choice. Here are a few examples:

Edgy black liner all around the eyes with light pink lip gloss

Liquid liner all around the eyes with a sort of pastel pink shadow and hot pink lipstick

Rosy blush and lips with dark shadow and black fake lashes

I love every single one of these, and it can be fun to try them out, and to even come up with a few of your own. Comment with any more Beauty Icon ideas, or things that you want me to write about. I’m always looking for new, fresh ideas to blog about. Sorry this article is super-short, the idea just popped up into my head.

Thanks, girls!


Classic Make Up DIY’s:

Sorry about the annoying music.

Zits! Blackheads! Whiteheads! All of these bumps and blemishes are known as one thing: Acne. Wanna know how to avoid acne and other beauty crises? Well, lets start off with getting rid of acne. For starters, always wash your face with a gentle face wash, avoiding the eye area. There are all different types of cream thats can help keep acne away, but I recommend using Neutrogena® On-the-Spot® Acne Treatment. You can find this at your local drugstore, in the beauty department. Use this once a day initially, then two or three times daily. Remember to wash your face first, then use this. You should apply a little amount, big enough to fit right on a pimple. Your acne isn’t going to go away magically, it takes time for this cream to work.

Getting rid of dark circles under your eyes– I have a huge problem with this. Sure, I get it from my mom, but I can control it. First, go to the grocery store. No joke! Buy a fresh fig, and cut it in half. Place the halves over your eyes for 15 minutes while laying down flat on your back and relaxing. I recommend getting a somewhat loud timer for 15 minutes. While your relaxing, I think it would be good to just get in a cozy bathrobe and listen to some music. Create a playlist with your favorite songs, you won’t have to change the song and get up. After the 15 minutes are up, it depends if your eyes will look good right away. For me, it may take some time ’cause I have bad dark circles.

I think that the number one thing to avoiding a beauty crisis is to always take time to take care of your body and how you look and feel on the inside (and outside!!). If you see a pimple, don’t ignore it, take action! Even if you find a little thing like this, its always good to take charge so you can feel your best all the time. Sure, its good to have a little makeup now and then and to play around, but look out for stuff that could ruin your natural beauty– You don’t always need makeup to feel and look your best 🙂

Hey guys! So, as many of you know, Spring Break doesn’t last forever (unfortunately). But what happens when school starts up again? What kind of make up will you for? I’m going to tell you how to do some light, easy, makeup for school.

If you want to look pretty but not with all that heavy makeup, use mascara on your lashes. I recommend Maybelline’s The Great Lash™ Mascara. Its very useful and cheap! You can find this makeup at drugstores  in the Makeup department. Another easy thing to do with light makeup is lip gloss. I like to use lip gloss that matches your blush. I recommend using a pink color gloss. I like to use MAC’s lip gloss. Their so fun to use with MAC’s powder blush. You’ll look pretty withOUT all that chunky, heavy makeup. The thing I like best is the lipgloss. Even though it may not seem like much, it really makes a big difference in how you look. You guys know Taylor Swift, right? She looks absolutely gorgeous with her red lipstick. Imagine her without makeup. Now, imagine her with just her red lipstick. Wow, big difference, right? Its the little things that help make you sparkle, on any day. But remember to be smart with makeup. Don’t just go for red lipstick just ’cause Taylor uses it. It all depends on your skin tone, really. If you have fair skin, I’d go for of a melon color gloss (like the watermelon color). If your skin is more olive or golden, I’d use a salmon-y, peachy kind of gloss to make your lips really stand out. If your skin is bronze or dark, I’d use a bold, berry color. It really makes your lips pop. For kinds of mascara, all you really need is the basic black. Just a little, though. You don’t want clumps in your lashes. But eyeshadow– I like shadow that kind of matches your eye color. For instance, I was at Claire’s house once and she was wearing green eyeshadow to match her hazel eyes. At first, I didn’t even know she was wearing eyeshadow at all! If you have blue eyes, go easy on the blue shadow. If you have brown eyes like me, I’d go with a sparkly brown so your eyes don’t look to chalky. Adding sparkle to anything makes it look 10% more glamourous! So when school starts up again, remember this: You don’t need loads of makeup to be pretty. All it really takes is the right colors and you’ll be looking gorgeous– without over due-ing yourself. Thanks! Sammy

Sorry to steal the spot-light Sammy!

So I was just browsing the internet watching my favorite Chick Flick Mama Mia! I love this movie, and I found that she had neutral lips, with a pale pink nail. I could tell that she was wearing a pale pale lipstick, and her nails matched! I found that this looks great!  For instance, there is bright ruby red lips with bright red nail polish! It looks fabulous. The color of the nails should look good against your facial skin, and on your hands. The nail polish at Jewel in the beauty isle is great to compare with lipstick to see if they match. Then, compare the color to your skin to see if it complements your skin tone. If it does, you’re home free! Buy it and wear it proud!


Okay: First, you’ve got a date with your longtime crush. Then, you’ve gotta go volunteer at your local animal shelter. And finally, you’ve got a dance lesson. Sounds tough, right?! Well, how are you supposed to get the perfect makeup with, like, no time in between? Well I’m going to show you all the tools you need to look good for every occasion.

Going on a date: Don’t overdue it with your makeup. You want to look cute, but not like one of those, “Toddlers and Tiaras” girls. All you really need is cute lipgloss, flirty mascara, eyeshadow, and a little bit of blush. For cute, cheap lipgloss I recommend Mary Kay® Lipgloss. They’re cute, and so easy to play with. Also, they make your lips really luscious and smooth. Some of them are also cute and sparkly! I like the pink color Mary Kay® lipgloss. For cute mascara that will last all day, I’d go with Maybelline’s Great Lash Lots Lashes™ Mascara. Its Mascara that lasts all day– and you can even find the Great Lash Lots of Lashes™  washable mascara! For cool, eye poping eyeshadow, I use another one of Maybelline’s products: Eye Color studio explosion. Their really cool! They come in all different colors, but for a date, i’d keep it natural with a little bit of sparkle to it (without sparkle, it’ll look chalky!!).

Doing local things: I know it may sound insane, but you hardly need any makeup do to local things like volunteering at your local shelter or shopping for groceries. But still, it never hurts to glam up a bit. I’d wear something to really compliment your face, like a cute, rosy blush. But don’t go with eyeshadow alone. Wearing just eyeshadow and nothing else around your eye will make it look . . . weird. Also, eyeliner will really make your eyes say, “Hey! I’m a friendly girl, and I’m also really fun and bubbly!” Wearing eyeliner really adds definition to your eyes. Winged eyeliner is the best (in my opinoin) because its really out there and fun to play with.

Sports: When playing sweaty sports, most girls like to keep it “au naturel”. But who says you cant play a little with makeup for soccer practice? A little can go a long way. Start by making your lips shiny and glossy with a little gloss. Also, mascara paired with eyeliner looks really cute. When wearing the eyeliner, this time I do not reccomend wearing the winged eyeliner, only because it looks a little too formal for sports. I’d go with something on your top eyelid, and on your botton, only to the middle iris out. You don’t want your eyes to look squinchy. With mascara, I’d go a little lightly. Maybe just one or two coats on the top and bottom lashes.

Theres makeup for any occasion– really, there is. Playing with makeup is fun, and its cool to explore all different types of techniques that you like. Just remember, your makeup should look appropriate for your age, and the type of occasion you may be attending. For instance, there’s a girl in fifth grade who surrounds her eyes with black eyeliner and green eyeshadow– I know, awful right?! Don’t be the girl who feel pressures to wear makeup all the time, though. Wear what you think is best, and thats really all there there is to it. 🙂



Breathe in . . . Breathe out . . . Yep, with all that school work, life can be stressful. Social Studies notes here, Math test to study for there . . . Could it get anymore stressful?! Well I have a few tricks up my sleeve to show you how to get major relaxation when school stress is bringing you down.

Massage it Out:

  • Squeeze the inner edge of your eyebrows by your nose, and hold for three seconds: One one thousand, two one thousand . . .
  • Repeat on the arch of your eyebrows, then one more time time near your temples.
  • Breathe in and out deeply. Feel that tension in your head floating away? Ahhh!

Taking a Study Break:

  • Try relaxing by watching this really cute YouTube video: Search for Baby Chimp Tiger Club. Its sooo cute!
  • Watch T.V.: Relaxation couldn’t have been easier. Just turn on that TV, grab a snack, aaannnddd relax.
  • Read something– Anything. Whenever I’m stressed out, I read. I especially love to read one of my sister’s old baby books. I’m not sure why, but it really seems to help.
  • Do whatever YOU  want to do. Its al up to you! Do whatever makes you feel comfortable, even if its day dreaming about your crush, or doodling in your diary. But don’t get too comfortable. I like to take about 20 minutes of break time. But its okay to treat your self sometimes! Give yourself a break. Trust me, you’ll feel great after all the work is done!



Today I’m going to be discussing . . . Makeup products. Everyone has a favorite brand, but everyone here at Famine of Fashion really loves Maybelline New York!! Maybelline

has SO MANY cool products, and an awesome website: My favorite makeup product by Maybelline is called Baby Lips. Baby Lips are a different kind of lip blam. After a clinical of using Baby Lips for four weeks, all that icky dead skin on your lips will be gone! I know, awesome, right?! Baby Lips come in 6 different colors and styles: Quenched, Peppermint, Cherry Me, Grape Vine, Pink Punch, and Peach Kiss. Other than Quenched and Peppermint, the other colors have their own color to it. For instance, Cherry Me has a reddish stain to it. Pink Punch has a hint of pink, to make your lips look extra rosy. Peppermint and Quenched are more clear, but with same effect. Once you use Baby Lips, its hard to stop! They make your lips look better, get rid of dead skin, and just make you look flat out sexy and cool. Your lips could’t be healthier, shinier, or fresher. Feeling perky? Try using a cool eyeliner to add definition to your eyes. A cool Meybelline eyeliner is called Line Stylist Eyeliner. It will really bring out your eyes. A perfect combo: Baby Lips + Line Stylist Eyeliner + Eye Studio Color Explosion = Totally pretty. A smooth, creamy lip gloss paired with eyeliner and eyeshadow will make your eyes pop and also make your lips look super pretty.

Hoped You Liked!


Who doesn’t love their lashes? I’m going to teach you how to enhance them and make them look professional! Here’s what you’ll need: An eyelash curler and lash-curling mascara (any color you wish, but blacks and browns work best if you want to go natural, or for a night out).

First, start by aiming your eyelash curler as close to your lash line as possible. Once you’ve done that, clamp the curler down on the base of your lashes. Next, continue to gently pulse the curler up as you move  it to the length of your lashes. Then, take the lash-curling mascara and hold the brush at the base of your lashes and blink through it to really coat your lashes with the mascara. Your lashes will look flawless! Trust me, take my word for it. Here’s the product that I used for the mascara: Flirt! Cosmetics it Curl mascara– $15 at Kohl’s. Hoped you love your lashes! Also, don’t be afraid to try different colors of mascara! Sure, black is basic, but blue is so much fresher and cooler. Also, try adding a little sparkle with sparkly eyeshadow to make your eyes look super glamourous! You can try to find a color that really brings out your eyes, as well.



The images are sharp and the colors soft. That’s what it’s all about this fall. Everyone

loves the smokey eye look and the glossy peach/coral lips. Texture is crucial too. The images are beautiful, though, whether they are sharp or soft. No one ever looks at the model’s make up as the saunter down the runway in their beautiful clothes. However if you do look closely you can’t see their makeup. That’s why this article is all about stage makeup.

I’m a ballet dancer and trust me we have lot’s of experience with stage makeup. When you don’t wear enough the lights on the stage will wash you out. If you wear too much in the wrong places the audience will see you differently that you really look. Here is a DIY on how to do your own stage makeup:

Eyebrows: The main feature on your face is your eyes and eyebrows so to begin with you want to exaggerate them. For your eyebrows you can use eyeliner on the hair to darken the color or in some cases change the shape. Make sure the strokes are gentle so that your eyebrows don’t look super dark.

Eyes: To start out you need white eyeliner and black eyeliner too. White eyeliner on your waterline can make your eyes look bigger than they appear. Black eyeliner along your upper and lower lash line can help to better see your eyes from a distance too. For mascara you should choose a color closest to your own hair color to keep it natural. Eyeshadow is one of the most common types of makeup. Whether it’s metallic or natural it always looks good. First you choose the colors you would like to use and then apply. Here is who you apply the shadow:

Lips: A lip liner with the similar if not exact color of the lip stick itself. Lip stick colors should be chosen very carefully because it effects the entire look. When you are done applying the lipstick you should add a touch of gloss. Clear or sparkly lip gloss on top of the main color can make your lips look super kissable.

Jewels at Jewel Osco 12/11/11

Yeah sounds unlikely, right? Quite honestly, though, you can find pretty good makeup brands at any drugstore such as Maybelline, OPI, Cover Girl, etc. So the entire Famine of Fashion staff went to find out exactly what kind of things jewel has.

You step into Jewel Osco’s beauty section and expect to see nothing but crappy headbands and cracked blush. But in reality it’s the perfect place for reasonably priced make up. When I saw the long aisle of lip gloss, mascara, bronzer, blush, lotion, body scrubs, shampoos, conditioners, etc I thought I was in heaven.

Our Favorite Item: Maybelline Lip Gloss

Why: I found the Maybelline section around the middle of the aisle and it was a very colorful display. I have always been a fan of flavored lip gloss so I loved smelling and reading what every lip gloss flavor was. Glamorous Guava, Freshly sliced, Sparkling grape, Tempting toffee and that’s not even the beginning!

Hope that you enjoy this article!



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  1. do u think u can do like a column with hair styles and how to do them?
    that would make your blog even cooler than it already is.
    and more photos please!

  2. Do you mean Beauty Icon? Style Icon is for Fashion and Trends, but I would be happy to write a Beauty Icon for Emma Watson if you’d like!

  3. ooh!!!! BRAVE articale!!!!! Loved it super helpful cause i was thinking about being her for halloween. I also loved the hair one cause i never knew what to do with my massive mop of hair. thanks you were very helpful 🙂

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