Let’s just be nothing because I heard nothing lasts forever

Like the world, fashion is changing. I’ve already covered that whole spiel about how high fashion is changing dramatically from crisp, clean elegance to drama, exaggeration, and beauty. I think it takes a while for people to adjust to a new way of style. The people who work in the multibillionaire world of fashion just say “ok, this is going to be the new way to dress,” they don’t think twice about adjusting to new style because they are the ones that make it. Sometimes fashion changing every ten seconds can be confusing but think about it this way, if fashion never changed it would be boring.

Graphic Tee’s

When I say graphic tee’s, I’m not talking about those boring shirts from abercrombie that have the logo across the front. I’m talking about fabulous graphic tee’s with actual pictures printed on them and cute little sayings like “Pugs, not drugs.” They can be dressed up or down and are super fun to experiment with.

Urban Outfitters

Forever 21

Dress it up: It’s quite simple to dress up any graphic tee/tank. You can pair it with a pencil skirt in a bold color if the top is muted colors and flowy. If the top is tighter you can dress it up with a fancy flowy skirt. Make sure that whatever bottom you wear doesn’t exactly match the top because it will look really mismatched. Go easy with the accessories so you don’t keep attention away from the graphic top itself.

Dress it down: It’s even easier than dressing it up. Just pull your hair into a messy do and pick out your favorite pair of shorts for an effortlessly glam look.

Thanks for reading!


Color Me Neon

It’s been a while, lovelies! I’m always telling you that this season is about being bright, bold, and beautiful with all sorts of trends. What’s more bright, bold, and beautiful than neon colors?

How to pull off neon.

Don’t overdo it! You don’t want to be completely dressed in neon colors from head to toe. Add some more muted colors like black to pull off a neon outfit. If you have neon earrings, bracelets, or necklaces, you can wear them with something simple like a black dress to really draw attention to them in a very fashionable way.

Neon Trends

Everyone seems to be wearing neon shorts right now so try these colorful shorts this summer instead of the classic jean cut offs for summer. Neon nail polish is a must have, as seen in the Beauty column in the post Beauty Essentials. I like neon blue and grey striped tops, these fun, bright colors compliment each other perfectly. Neon looks amazing when it’s lacy like the pullover from F21 below:

My favorite neon things:

Forever 21:

Urban Outfitters:


More soon!


Style Icon: Chloe Lukasiak.

You may or may not have heard of the hit “reality” t.v. show Dance Moms. It’s a show about these dancers who compete new dances every week and their crazy moms that do everything to get their daughters on top. Anyways, there is one dancer named Chloe who is only 11, but she is super fashionable. On the show, you mostly see her in costumes and her dance wear but when you do see her in normal clothing she looks fabulous. I’m going to show you a bunch of her clothes and places you can shop to get her astounding style.

This is probably my favorite outfit of hers because I think the blue looks really good on her (and because I actually know where this one is from). It’s from Sally Miller.

As you can see in this REALLY crappy picture, Chloe is wearing a cute blue dress/top and I think I found it also at Sally Miller. (Or at least something similar)

Here is a top similar to hers from Forever 21.

A similar lacy dress.

And Now for the accessories . . .

Chloe’s signature accessory: a headband. Try any of these headbands from Forever 21 for her feminine look.

That’s all for now!


Ballet Style.

Hello! I haven’t been posting lately because I have been dancing 24/7 but I just wanted to make this new post about ballet fashion. This post is for both dancers and girls who like the vintage elegant style of ballet. I will be writing this article in parts so that I can show you different things.

When I think of ballet I think of delicate pinks and golds but in reality ballet is always about strength. You might think that ballet is the easiest sport out there but it requires much more muscle coordination, strength, and effort than any other sport. So want to mix the way that ballet looks and feels together through clothing.

Edgy meets pretty.

Like I said, ballet requires a great amount of strength but it also looks very delicate and pretty. So think something edgy like a leather jacket coming together with something pretty and vintage like a lace dress. Here are some more interpretations:

This Forever 21 chiffon dress and F21 edgy (literally) bracelet make for a pretty meets edgy outfit. These earrings pull the outfit together.

A nice dress like this one can be made edgy with a pair of suede or leather boots.

That’s all for now!


A New Era.

You can tell just by flipping through the glamourous pages of Vogue that high fashion has evolved into an almost alien like style. Well it’s alien to all us regular people :). It’s about taking a step out of your comfort zone and exploring fashion. Your life doesn’t start until you take a step out of your comfort zone anyways. Just because not every single teen is going to want to walk down the street wearing a cotton candy textured evening gown doesn’t mean we can’t be as unique and fabulous  as the models on the glossy pages. So here is my interpretation of the new era of fashion.

Outfit 1:

When I saw this dress I thought it was beautiful. It looks like it has a lustrous material and the colors are perfect compliments to each other. However, this is not an ordinary dress. So I have found a few different clothing items that go with the shape, color, or style of this dress.

My Interpretation:

This first dress comes in other colors but I think it has the basic length and shape of the dress besides the top part.

This Forever 21 skirt can be worn with a lot of different things and is very similar to the bottom of the dress.

This dress also from has the same lustrous looking fabric.

So that’s my first interpretation of a high fashion outfit but I would like to talk more about this new outrageous style and what it means to us in another post.

More to come!


Make it or Break it.

Hey, Ladies!

You know what I mean when I talk about accessories that can make or break an outfit, right? That’s what this feature is all about. Accessories really are what tie outfits together and sometimes they can wreck the whole outfit. Here are some of my do’s and don’t’s when it comes to accessorizing:

Do: Add a necklace to complete a solid colored top or dress.

Don’t: Wear a necklace with any top or dress that has a busy pattern or there will be too much going on.

Do: Wear cute bracelets that match the color of your outfit.

Don’t: Wear the same color bottoms, tops, and accessories together.

Don’t: Wear silver and gold in the same outfit.

These are just a few of  my do’s and don’ts’. Enjoy!


PS: Sorry for the very short post but another is coming soon!

Have we forgotten about pants?

Despite the weird title, I think it is important for me to write this article to remind you that even with our latest dressy dress obsession, no, we have not forgotten about pants.

Christina’s most recent polyvore post included three super cute outfits that didn’t involve dresses or skirts. Let’s take a lesson from her and realize that shorts and rompers make amazing outfits as well as dresses and skirts.

Why jean shorts are so amazing: they go with everything!

In my opinion, one basic item in every teens closet should be a simple pair of dark or light wash denim shorts. They are perfect for dressing up and dressing down and are perfect for the summer when your favorite skinny jeans are too hot.

To dress up a pair of denim shorts, try a nice top with tasteful accessories. Here are a few of my picks from Delia*s.

If you choose a shirt with a plain solid color front, try:

Tip: If your up for it, try a fancy nail polish to pull together the outfit.

Dressing your jean shorts down is not hard at all. Throw on your favorite t-shirt and you are ready to go! If your opting for something casual yet cute but not super fancy, here are some options also from Delia*s.

Delia*s has great graphic t-shirts that are effortlessly cute and don’t really need to be accessories unless you want to wear your signature bracelet or something with them. Any hairstyle would work with this look but don’t go all out because remember this is the dressing down portion of this article! I would probably wear a messy side braid with one of these outfits.

Tip: To make the look even more effortlessly cool, add a pair of color popping sunglasses!



PS: I should have made it a bit more clear, but all of the clothes and accessories in this post are from Delia*s.

Keep you, your wallet, and your wardrobe happy!

Do you find yourself looking at the most expensive clothing stores? Saying to yourself, I wish I could buy that super expensive dress. Trust me, this just ruins your self esteem. I have in mind some cute outfits for summer that you can find for less.


This store is a cute and cheap way to get the latest trends. Not only does it last long but a lot of the clothes look like designer brands. Here is a super cute dress that I found in the Women’s section. for only $29.00

Here is another for $24.99:

These are just two of the adorable and affordable Target dresses.

Old Navy:

If you look in the Women’s section, you can find some cute outfits such as gladiator sandals or cute sundresses for less. There is a section I really like called “Outfits We Love,” which a lot of stores have, where you can buy cute outfits that the designers recommend.

This outfit has the perfect combination of trendy summer colors. Coral, turquoise, and mustard yellow are all good colors to have in your wardrobe this summer.

Enjoy, enjoy!


Oh, the Sand and Surf

I know that we are all beyond excited for summer. I love that fun sunny beach look and I think we need to go over the best 2012 Summer looks. Time to make new memories, so let’s do it in style!

1. Swim Suit Season

Whether you like to stick with a one piece or a colorful bikini it’s important to find the best swim suit for you. If you have darker skin, stick with a lighter color. I have medium skin and when I wear turquoise, my tan pops out. If you have lighter skin, wear darker colors. As for patterns, it’s fun to have a few bathing suits with funky patterns such as zig zags or polka dots. I don’t particularly like bikinis that have two different colors for the bottom and the top. Also, for one piece bathing suits, I like solid colors such as red with a cool cut out pattern on the back such as criss cross straps or a racerback.

2. Cover ups

I personally wear dresses over my bathing suits but there are always more options like a romper. If you have a one piece or tankini, it’s a little easier to wear stuff over because you don’t have to worry about people seeing the bikini straps. So if you choose one of these styles, I recommend a romper or a fun summer dress. If you choose to wear a bikini, try a loose sun dress or a maxi. These looser dresses will prevent people from seeing the ties on the bottom of your suit.

3. As for the Accessories

Sunglasses, beach bags, bangles, nail polish, are all just a few of the many classic summer accessories. First, let’s talk about jewelry. Bangles are always fun to wear but I prefer fun necklaces. There is a wide selection of necklaces out there whether you want a cute crab pendant or a chunky flower necklace. For earrings, you should find something dangly and opulent. On to nails! Find unique nail tutorials all over youtube such as water marbling. Remember all that stuff I wrote about color, time to head to the drugstore and find all those Summer 2012 colors that compliment you. Like I said for swimsuits, darker skinned girls should go for light colors and light skinned girls should wear darker colors. Colorful aviators are very in right now as well as Ray-Bans.

Happy. Sweet. Summer.



A few nail tutorials here:

And if your feeling quirky . . . .

Tasty Accessories


Recently, one of my dance friends, Izze, offered to take me to Argo Tea with her and I was thinking to myself, I don’t care much for tea but Izze is super nice so I will go and try it. It’s just down the street from our dance studio so we walked and I think I ordered a Tea Sparkle, which is sort of a mango iced tea thing, it was amazing! Argo Tea is now one of my new favorite places to grab a snack. It’s exactly like Starbucks except it is healthier, cheaper, better for the planet, and it’s all tea, with the exception of SmooTea’s. This got me thinking about how people can accessorize outfits with drinks and snacks.

Starbucks: It’s a very tasty snack and any girl that walks down the street with a venti sized Frappe, always looks glam. If you have never been to Starbucks before, you should try a low cal. frappe. That was my first drink there and I fell in love. Since Starbucks is overpriced, walking around with a cup of it is an elegant and fancy take on coffee.

Vitamin Water: Vitamin Water, in my opinion, is the most glamorous energy drink to have. I love that each flavor helps you with different things, for example Revive helps you with hangovers. My all time favorite flavor is the triple x açai pomegranate blueberry thing. It’s not too sweet but it’s not too watery and it is my favorite combination of fruits. If your sporting a casual or athletic look, Vitamin Water is your best friend. Also, this summer, Vitamin Water made it’s own chap stick! It is all the same flavors as the actual drinks and they have SPF 20 in them.

I will add more later!


More Fast Fashion!

Prettiest Blue.

I love summer. That’s why school is absolute torture to me. I find myself wearing navy blue, blue, and muted colors to school a lot and maybe it’s because school is such a bleak occasion for me. However, I grew up with a light blue bedroom and I think that is why it is my absolute favorite color. Maybe that’s why I always eat the blue Scooby Snack last. Whenever I see light blue, I taste cotton candy and ice cream and think of the sky. I’m just so in love with this color that I had to make a post of a bunch of blue and fashionable things.

Forever 21 Ipad Cover:

Time of My Life Modcloth Dress:

Sass Media Dress Modcloth:

Light Blue Converse:

And the pointe shoes I wish I had!:

Sorry for the short post!


PS: Maddie Ziegler’s costume in this g.i.f. is my very favorite shade of blue!

60s’ Icon: Twiggy

Short perfectly groomed blonde hair, heavily lined big eyes, and a petite frame, sounds like just any model, right? Wrong. Twiggy a.k.a. The Face of ’66, was a legendary model that won’t be forgotten. The first thing I read about Twiggy was that she got her hair cut very short and dyed light blonde because the hairdresser felt that she would stand at her modeling screen test. She was tall and freakishly thin, which is why she was given the nickname, Twiggy. British Vogue got a hold of her and she graced the covers more than once, which not many people can say they did. “For us at Vogue, she represents beauty, not Twiggery,” said current editor in chief, Diana Vreeland. She had the right look to sell fashion to many teenagers just like her. It’s obvious that there was something about her that made her different from all the other models of the 60s’. Whether it was her wide set eyes or her bubbly personality, she could out shine anyone. Her look is still famous today. There are a lot of people who seem to have taken after her style for example Emma Watson’s haircut was very much like Twiggy’s.

If you were wonder how to get the Twiggy look:

1. Hair

She always wore her short hair in a side part that complimented her bone structure very well. If you don’t want to get your hair cut short, you can put your hair in a side part with a sleek low pony tail at the nape of your neck.

2. Make up

You don’t have to cake your face with foundation because Twiggy had a natural look with her freckles and all. You can cover any redness or zits on skin but you mostly just want to start out with a clean face.

3. Eyes

You can thin up your eye brows if they are bushy at all and add a light eye shadow. I recommend a peachy or even just white eye shadow to go with the whole natural look. To make your eyes look bigger you can line the crease of your eye in dark brown eye shadow. Put a thin line of liquid eyeliner on your upper lid and also line your water line with white eye pencil for an effect that makes them look bigger. Apply a thick amount of mascara to your eye lashes. You can also use fake eye lashes to create your own “Twiggies.”

4. Cheeks

Add a light amount of peachy or rosy blush to your cheek bones. Don’t use anything too extreme.

5. Lips

As for lips, I don’t recommend doing too much. You can do a clear coat of gloss and even light pink gloss for a little bit of color. Lip stick shouldn’t be your first choice.

Love ya!


PS: I’m starting to think I should have posted this under beauty …………

Updates On The World of Fashion


You’ve probably heard me say a million times that that frilly lacy vintage is out. It’s still true, but I’ve come to a conclusion about this season’s style. It’s still vintage, but it’s modern! Before you say I’m insane, think about it for a second. Think about the 60s’ and 70s’. The patterns and trends of clothes were completely new and unique and they are coming back. I recommend when looking for new clothes to buy, to think about all those classic style icons of the 60s’. My personal favorite is Twiggy, the world’s first supermodel. I’ve also been thinking a lot about colors and how they compliment each other. In art, we are drawing color wheels and it turns out the colors opposite to each other compliment each other. I was so desperate for more information on colors this season that I googled “2012 summer colors.” I’m glad I did because I found this neat diagram of all these interesting colors for summer.

It might be a little hard to see, but there you have it. Everything from Starfish brown to Tangerine Tango!

Can’t wait for summer!


An Ache for Something Totally New.

Hello, readers.

I have officially gotten sick of Chicago. I love it here, it’s lovely here, but I want to see something new. Something other than that same old grocery store, something other than the same old restaurants. I’ve decided to make a new post about wanting something completely new in fashion.

Everyone always does want new things because of the way they are advertised. Come buy this SHINY NEW FABULOUS SPARKLY car! However, we can’t always afford new things but we can always recycle our old things and make them SHINY, NEW, SPARKLY, AND FABULOUS.

I have this old skirt from when I was younger that’s pretty long but it stops in the middle of my shins, which is not my favorite length. My idea is to make the front of the skirt shorter with scissors, duh. Then the back would be longer to act as a sort of train.

For an old t-shirt, you could turn it into a crop top and add a mini skirt and maybe even a leather jacket for a glamourous yet rebellious look.

The Young and The Braless just made a new post about renewing your old clothing, here is the link: Do it all yourself.



Urban Outfitters

nOir Jewelry Highlighter Necklace

Sparkle & Fade Shredded and Dyed Tee

Cooperative Appliqué Flamingo Flat

Kimchi Blue Lace Love Top

Sparkle & Fade Constellation Shirt

Whisper by MMC Bow Back Pullover

Kimchi Blue Crochet Skimmer

Sleeveless WIndsor Dress

Staring At Stars Dip Dye Romper

Carved Shoulder Ponte Cut Out Dress

Style Icon: Emma Watson

We met Emma Watson when she was an average 12-year-old girl, minus the fact that she starred in Harry Potter of course. As she grew up, we could all see her style changing. On the red carpet and out and about. I think we should all take a lesson from Emma’s bold changes. Her new hair cut was definitely an attention grabber. What I love about her, is that she has grown up around the media and still hasn’t become a crazed celebrity gone wrong (Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, do I need to continue?). She has decided to do normal teenage things like go to college and she’s even started modeling for Burberry and Lancôme. She’s been on the cover of Vogue and Teen Vogue several times. Emma’s style has also gotten edgier over the years. For example, one of my favorite new looks of hers was the gold make up and dress she wore to the premiere of the last HP movie.

Here is a tutorial for the look below.

Good luck with this look!


PS: W.W.H.P.D.?

PPS: What would Harry Potter do? 🙂

Forever 21 Haul

First of all, I love this video! Someone has to invent this!

And now for my Forever 21 Spring splurge wish list:

Pleated Shift Dress w/ Belt

Tulip Back Tank

Essential High-low Skirt

Woven Film Mini Skirt

Neon Lace Leggings

Colorblocked Bodycon Dress

Mesh Yolk High-Low Dress

Two Tone Sweetheart Dress

Glistening Dome Ring

Sequin Rosette Headband

Zig Zag Triangle Necklace

Etched Arrowhead Studs

{This is Glamorous}


When your typing random things in on the internet, you always find the most unique things. For us “kids”, the world’s biggest growing encyclopedia is the window to the real world. Sometimes the things you stumble upon are not very pleasant but sometimes you make an amazing discovery like a new fashion blog to follow. As I was typing in random fashion words, I found a blog called {This is Glamorous}. It’s a completely amazing blog that covers many different things such as traveling, food, home decor, and of course fashion. It is an inspirational blog that will really make you want to travel or try a new snack.

Enjoy! 🙂


Spring Necessities

It’s me, Claire, coming to you straight from Chicago! We’ve already talked about how to be a role model student. Work hard, get good grades, and study. Now, however, it’s time to look the part of a straight A student! Here are some school girl trends from straight off the runway.

First off, we have this outfit by Carven. You can tell it’s built around a preppy feeling because of the blazer and collared shirt. It is obvious that the plaid skirt was traded for a more fashionable black pencil skirt. The heels give the outfit a bit of an extra pop because most school uniforms don’t include sky high heels.

This Louis Vuitton outfit takes the classic trench coat and beret and gives it the yellow hand bag which makes it more exciting. The green rain boots are perfect to the together this fashion forward look.

Yet another baby doll collar gives this DKNY outfit a vintage school girl look. This outfit would actually be perfect to wear to school except for the fact that the dress is a bit too short. The ballet flats seem to be reappearing on the runway this season.

I Don’t Like Mondays

Who does?

Dare to be daring. That’s what this spring is all about. It’s time to swap our sweet floral skirts for bold colored mini dresses. That’s why we’re chatting about this cutting-edge store: I Don’t Like Mondays. What’s more creative than wearing a pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s with silver stars on them??? I love this oddness going on in the fashion world.Be yourself and be creative this season! The most stylish thing to wear is what you want to wear. Life is too short to care at all so don’t.

My Favorites:

If I lived in the 70’s I would wear . . .

Claire: I’d be a hippie. I’m a big fan of bright colors and patterns even though I never wear them. Three things that I would definitely keep in my wardrobe would be a fringed skirt, a really elaborate jacket, and white high tops.

Bekkah: I’d wear daisy dukes for sure! My wardrobe would have daisy dukes, a floral shirt of some kind, and those really high wedges. My hair would almost always be in cute romantic curls. I also love those embroidered short shorts.

Colette: My hair would always be in an afro. No joke. I guess the three main pieces in my wardrobe would have been white roller skates with rainbow wheels, a zig zag print skirt, and a bunch of bell sleeved shirts!

Inner 70’s Style Icon

Bianca Jagger was a super dresser. Try to prove that statement wrong! If you want to dress like Bianca, don’t be afraid. Fashion is supposed to be all about self expression and not caring what others think. Bianca proved this to us by wearing what she loved and what matched her personality. If you go to google images and type in ‘Bianca Jagger’ you get all these images with her wearing glittering net things over her face. According to, she won the 1972 Women of the Year hat award. She wore these awesome headdresses with feathers or netting. Bianca had this way of dressing that made you stop and say, “where did you get that?!” So if you want to be noticed I suggest you stick with Bianca. Her clothes were all different textures, colors, and styles. Curling your hair and putting on an elaborate headband will instantly make you noticed, but then there’s the outfit. She wears this white tuxedo outfit in one picture which was very bold of her. A mini skirt and tuxedo jacket will make the outfit look more feminine. Not counting the tuxedo outfit, Bianca was a feminine dresser. Vintage skirts, floral blouses, and sequins will bring out your inner Bianca Jagger!

Ralph Lauren children or Abercrombie kids?

I used to be a huge fan of Abercrombie kids and I still like the store but today I came across something better, Ralph Lauren children. How do they compare? Elements of Ivy from Abercrombie is a lot like Ralph Lauren’s kids collection. It has the same sort of patterns and styles but Ralph obviously has better quality. Both of the stores have a sophisticated classy style with different touches. For example Abercrombie has more of a school girl or preppy touch to it. The cashmere sweaters and messenger bags really prove my point. Meanwhile, Ralph has all the elements of equestrian training. It combines fashion with the hobby of horseback riding and creates a vintage rustic take on clothing. As you can see the two stores are both great, it’s too hard to pick, so the answer to this question is up to you!


There’s ivy in both pictures!


Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a fun place to shop whether you are searching for clothing or furniture. Everything in this shop has a comfortable, homemade air to them. Perfect for lounging around your home. Their snuggly sweaters are not only, well, snuggly but are also colorful and original. The clothing makes a bold statement. Their graphic tee shirts are super creative. Urban Outfitters does not listen to the trends. They do their own thing and they do it well.

As you can see in the images above, U.O. has one of a kind graphic t-shirts that can hardly be found anywhere else. The first two t-shirts are a little more wild than the last and they have more detail to them. The daisy t-shirt is simple yet fun and is good to wear anywhere. Urban Outfitters has an interesting take when it comes to patterns. For most people a pattern would be simple polka dots or stripes but at U.O. patterns are flowers, feathers, and even words.

At U.O. tops aren’t the only things that matter, like in middle school. Bottoms are super important as well. In the pictures below, graphic t-shirts have been paired with cute skirts that correspond with the pattern and color. My favorite of the three outfits is the first because the black and white roses and red skirt match. It’s flat out simple and pretty. The third look is a little more accessorized, without the accessories of course, because of the tights and the fact that the graphic t-shirt has a more wild pattern on it.


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