Good Life

Dear Diary full of my teenage dilemmas,

Summer has gone by so fast. It’s all to sweet to last. Enough rhyming. I feel like I have wasted the whole thing! Sure, dancing 24/7 isn’t exactly wasting your life but when you don’t get to see your best friends for that long, you obviously start to miss them. Then of course the universe specifically made it so that my friends leave on their fabulous vacations the minute I get out of dance jail. So where does that leave me? Trying to count every single star in the sky while my besties explore the world? I haven’t seen Christina in almost 5 weeks. No exaggeration whatsoever. This was supposed to be the perfect summer and looked what it’s turned into. I’m not saying I’d rather be in school or anything but at least I would be with my friends. The moments we do spend together are perfect. Like going on a wild goose chase at Jewel with Claudette and Katie’s fabulous birthday party. Those are the parts of summer I will never forget or regret. I honestly think summer is about doing the things that you’ve only ever dreamed of doing and tossing aside all your doubts and imperfections. It’s halfway done but as my teachers always used to say, “when your done you’ve just begun,” so I guess I do still have a lot of summer ahead of me. I think everyone makes a big deal out of summer, though. They make it seem like when summer is over, you lose everything. I know when my summer is over, I’ll still have my friends and they are everything to me.

Love, Claire.

MY NEW SLOGAN: Life is hard but we are going to have so much fun living it.

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe we’re all going to High School in two years! And by “we” I mean Claire, Katie, Christina, Claudette and I! There’s only one problem with that…I’m going to a different high school! How are we supposed to stay in touch?! What if they find new friends?! But that would never happen, we’ll find a way! I think I have a few ways for staying in touch…video chatting! It’s so fun to do with your friends when you haven’t seen them in while! I know this sounds dorky, but at a sleepover me and Claire watched that dumb Bratz movie… LOL! In the movie the girls vid. chatted on what they were going to wear on the first day of their freshman year of high school. It actually seemed kinda fun! When you video chat, be sure to tell your friends what you’ve been up to, so it’s almost like your there with them. When we’re all in high school, I’ll be sure to video chat them. Also, another fun thing you can do is: Every year of high school or junior high (even if you go to different schools), have a sleepover with your friends, and make it a daily thing. You should have a sleepover every year for each grade. I read a story about these girls who did this, and by the time they were in HS, they were practically enemies. But once they got together for a sleepover like the tradition, and they realized that nothing had changed about them! They were still the same people they were in junior high. So, every year do something special with your friends, and try not to break the chain until you prepare for college. It’ll be so fun! Anyways, I should probably get to bed now. I’ve got camp in the morning, and I don’t want to be late! Thanks for listening!


Should I watch this…Or should I watch that?

I’m going to list some of my favorite T.V. shows that are fun to watch in your free time!

1. “The Office” — a.k.a. the best show on the planet! The Office is super funny, so you’re bound to love it. The main storyline of the office is about the lives of your everyday people working at their office building. The boss of the place is a bit crazy, so you better watch out for him!. You can either watch the very first episode and start form the beginning, or you can watch the more recent episodes in Season 8. The show stars actors Steve Carrell as Michael Scott and John Krazinski as Jim. Watch The Office on NBC.

2. “Dance Moms”. This show is all about the life of six girls on a competitive dance team with their moms and out of control dance teacher! You get to see how hard the life of dance really is, and how crazy Abby Lee Miller is, the dance teacher! You can find this show on Lifetime channel.

3. “What Not to Wear”. This show is all about showing and expressing your true style. This show features women from all across the country and their unbearable style. Luckily, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly come to their rescue and provide them with clothes that bring out who they really are inside. Watch this show on TLC.

4. “Pretty Little Liars”. This. Show. Is. Intense. The story follows four girls from Rosewood, Pennsylvania as they receive mysterious texts from “A” who threatens to tell their deepest, darkest, secrets. Will “A” ruin their lives forever, or will they figure out who “A” is before their secrets come out? Catch the thrilling mystery drama series on ABC Family.

5. “Bunheads” is a show about a Las Vegas showgirl named Michelle who agrees to marry the man of her dreams, Hubel (pronounced Hub-ull)…or should I say, she is the girl of his dreams. Michelle isn’t too crazy ‘bout him, though. As soon as they arrive at their house, it turns out to be Hubel’s house who lives with his mother! There is a ballet studio right across from the house, and Michelle thinks she might have what it takes to run that place. You can watch “Bunheads” also on ABC Family.

I hoped you liked some of my T.V. shows! Try watching them, maybe you’ll like them!


Sammy 🙂

 Caught up in the summer.

You’ve spent countless hours after school planning out a perfect summer with your BFF’s but sometimes planning doesn’t make things perfect. Sure, it helps to plan to bring your water bottle to a tennis lesson so you don’t die of dehydration but summer adventures should just come naturally. I’m not saying it’s bad to make fun plans but don’t just sit down and write out every last minute of your summer. Let some fun things come around on their own. Making a bucket list for yourself or with your friends can be a great way to do everything you want with out being so picky about every summer moment. what once seemed like a great plan might get a little mixed up and that’s ok as long as you have fun and enjoy your summer. Lately, I’ve been feeling like half my summer has gone out the door because I’ve been so busy. I guess I’m just caught up in the summer. I feel like it’s already over though because Teen Vogue is already talking about back to school stuff. Ugh. I hope they write an article on how to survive eighth grade.


Facebook: good or bad?

“Facebook is stupid,” one of my best friends, Katie, tells me. However, I don’t entirely agree with this statement. Socializing websites like Facebook aren’t exactly pointless but I don’t love them either. It’s a good way to stay in touch with people but it also has lot’s of bad sides to it as well.


-Good for staying in touch

-Communicating with friends


-Cyber bullying


-Being stalked

As you can see I have more con’s than pro’s. This is simply because I think Facebook is an unhealthy part of lot’s of teenager’s lives. Cyber bullying, exclusion, and stalking are all horrible things that can happen to you through Facebook. Here is more on the con’s of Facebook.

1. Cyber bullying

There is this stupid thing on Facebook called question box something or other and it’s this thing where you ask a question about yourself and people have to answer anonymously and you have to earn points in order to find out who said that thing about you. I asked my friends, “what secret do you wish you had never told me?” Somebody answered, “every single thing that I have EVER told you.” I honestly have no idea who it was and I had no intention of finding out, so I deleted my account right away. People can say and do a lot worse than that on websites like Facebook. If you choose to have a Facebook account remember this, words hurt.

2. Exclusion

Imagine this, your flipping through all of the most recent Facebook posts and you see a new album posted by one of your best friends so you click on it to see what the pictures are of. It’s a whole album of pictures from your friend’s party that you weren’t invited to. Judging by the pictures, all of your other friends were invited. I know that if I saw something like this on Facebook, I would kill my friend. Then again, that’s the problem with socializing through the internet, things get misinterpreted. Maybe you weren’t available the night of the party and so your friend didn’t bother to invite you. Anyway, it’s easy to feel excluded just by looking at someone else’s pictures.

3. Stalkers

DON’T YOU DARE EVER EVER EVER EVER MEET UP WITH SOMEONE WHO YOU DON’T KNOW THAT YOU MET THROUGH THE INTERNET! I PROMISE YOU WILL MOST LIKELY GET KILLED OR THROWN IN THE BACK OF A WHITE VAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, it’s easy for someone to look at your pictures and information and find out where you live. If your going to have Facebook account, PLEASE KEEP IT LOCKED! This way only your friends will see all your stuff.

In conclusion, Facebook is not awful for teens but please just get off your butt, dial up your friend, and do something together instead of chatting with her through FB. I would say FB should only be used by people 18 and older but apparently it’s for 13 and older which really bugs me. It should really only be used by people who want to meet other people or who want to stay in touch.


P.S.: I do have a FB account now but I never really go on it and I mostly use it to publicize this blog.

P.P.S.: This is why FB can sometimes be good:


In order to have a great summer, you have to feel great too. Getting a good nights sleep, exercising, and eating healthy are all important aspects of good health. This article is going to be all about eating, sleeping, and exercising right.


To get enough rest, try going to sleep and waking up at the same time everyday. This way, your body will get into a routine and you won’t really need an alarm to wake you up. If you are having trouble sleeping every night it might be because you are stressed out about something. Try writing down what you are stressed about and then add a solution so whenever your mind wanders to that stressful thing, you can tell yourself that everything will be okay because you have found a solution. Warm milk or a nice soothing bubble bath are also great ways to get you into your sleeping mode after an active summer day.


Since it is summer, you will really need to drink a lot of water and eat enough food to power you through all of your exercise. Drink at least 4 glasses of water a day and even a glass of orange juice a day will provide the vitamins and minerals you need. For breakfast, eat lot’s of fruit. An egg or a yogurt parfait are good as well. A yogurt parfait is plain old yogurt, flavor of your choice, with fruit that would complement the flavor of the yogurt mixed in. Granola is good on top. For lunch, try a sandwich of your choice.My personal favorite is just a regular turkey sandwich or grilled cheese and turkey. Vegetables and fruit are a good side with your sandwich as well. Dinner is usually whatever your parents make but I like to eat rice with curry, meat, and cheese. For snacks, try pretzels, gold fish, fruit snacks, or fruits and veggies. They are a good source of energy, and they hold over a lot.


Do you do a sport? If so, you are already getting good exercise but here are more things that you can try to stay in shape and stay healthy. Jump rope, ride your bike, run around the block, go for a walk, etc. Even if you are not doing anything super active, it’s important to go out and get lot’s of fresh air. Keep a water bottle with you to stay hydrated while you exercise.


Hey, girls!

Have you ever wished for the perfect summer? One filled with love, happiness, and of course relaxation. First of all, you don’t need to plan out every detail of your summer, because summer is fun when it’s unexpected and when you find joy in little things life has to offer. However, if this isn’t your style, make a list of things you want to complete by the end of the summer, or a summer bucket list. Bucket lists are great because you can put down everything you want to do with out over thinking it. Bucket lists can include anything from taking one picture per day to going some where completely random with your friends. For me, everyday of my summer has to include taking a picture, trying something new, and not staying at home all day long. Here is our complete bucket list to give you an example of what you might want to add to your own:

  1. Swim
  2. Keep up the blog
  3. Go shopping
  4. Fancy dinner party
  5. Make a documentary
  6. Yell at strangers
  7. Dance in my driveway
  8. Go candy shopping
  9. Eat macaroons

10. Have a tea party

11. Find out how to make iced tea

12.Celebrate a weird holiday

13. Read Teen Vogue

14. Tan

15. Take a picture everyday

16. Text often

17. Make playlists

18. Find the perfect back to school outfit

19. Bake

20.Get an iPad case

21. Dance like crazy

22. Cool bedrooms

33. Make a summer inspiration board

34. Have lot’s of photo shoots

As you can see, a lot of them include stuff that has to do with the blog but you can make your bucket list completely your own.



Summer is all about taking a break, starting fresh, and having fun so why not throw a party to celebrate it? This article is all about how to throw the best party for you and your friends. Here are a bunch of my favorite party ideas and themes that you can use:

1. One culture per room

Despite the weird title, I really like this idea.First you pick three or four rooms in your house that you can use for the party and then pick one culture per room. For example, if you pick Paris, you can buy or make french food and decorations. Do the same for the other cultures and rooms.

2. Color theme

Pick your favorite color and just completely decorate your chosen room this color. This one is pretty self explanatory.

3. Tea Party

Once again, a pretty self explanatory one. Just get together some fancy tea cups, tea, pastries, and your best friends.

4. Random holidays

Find a weird holiday online like Squirrel Appreciation day and do something to celebrate it like stick pictures of squirrels every where and give each other stupid presents that have to do with it. Maybe even dress up like a squirrel if you feel like it.

5. Masquerade

Have all of your friends dress up in fancy masks and dance around a room together.

6. Expired fashion

All of your friends can come to your house and bring back old fashion trends such as Uggs.

Have a great party!


Hi, girls!

I haven’t been posting a lot lately, sorry about that, but I hope this post makes up for it.

I wanted to talk a little about time management and how that gives us control and power over our lives. First of all, being a teen is tough work. You have school, classes, and you have to make time to spend with friends and family. Lately, I’ve been feeling like dance is taking over my life. I have little time to do homework and spend time with friends and family because I have dance three days a week for hours and hours. Here is my best time management advice:

1. Take advantage of free time.

In school, it may be tempting to go outside with your friends or play angry birds on your kindle but take advantage of your free time in school and knock off some homework. This is a good trick to use when your planning on hanging out with friends after school or when you have an activity to go to.

2. Plan ahead.

It’s good to plan ahead so that you know what you have to get done. For example, if your planning on hanging out with your friends on Sunday, you should get all your homework done on Saturday. One of my best friends, Claudette, is AMAZING at time management. She is ready for any situation because she has had to balance out going to dance everyday with school time and friend time. Planning ahead is also good for things like dressing appropriately based on the weather. Make sure to have a jacket if the weather might be getting chilly and I recommend checking everyday before you get dressed to make sure that you can actually wear that new dress or skirt.

3. Prioritize your obstacles.

To conquer the obstacles in your average day, make a list of things you have to do, then prioritize the list. This way, you can do the most important things first and least important last. This works well with homework too. You can do the homework that you have due for your morning classes first and then the homework you have for your afternoon classes last.

Hope this helps!


Hey girls! Today I wanted to talk about about bullying. I’ve been bullied before, lots of times actually. In school, there are boys who will constantly pick on me because of my height. I’m very small for my age, buts its something I can’t control. Also, many boys in my class treat me like I’m a little kid who has a disability. I hate the way they treat me, and its not right. We all come to school to learn and socialize, but not to be mean or hurtful to others.

Are you someone who picks on someone else? Try answering these three simple questions to yourself:

  1. Are people afraid of your reaction when they speak to you?
  2. Have you ever talked behind someone’s back saying cruel things about the person?
  3. Do you only hang out with a couple people? Do other classmates not talk to you?

If any your answers are “yes”, then I think its time for a change, don’t you? I’ll have to admit, I have talked behind people’s backs before. Looking back on it, it makes me feel like a bully to others. I apologized to the girl, *Lily via Internet, but she just started to say mean things to me. To me, thats cyber-bulling. If people are afraid of your reactions, try to be a little more open and outgoing. You should try to be friendly to people you dislike, even though they are not your favorite person. I’m not saying you have to bake them a cake full of rainbows and smiles, but to just smile at them in the hallway, or talk to them when they look isolated or sad. If you have talked behind someone’s back, there’s only one thing you need to do: apologize. When I talked behind Lily’s back, she wouldn’t listen. I even tried to talk to her at school, but still nothing. If you talked behind a good friend’s back, then you should probably tell them, no matter how you feel. It’ll seem pretty heartbreaking and awkward at first, but if you really care about your friend, then you’ll know to do whats right. If you only hang out with a small group of people and other classmates don’t even hang out with you at all, then they’re scared of you! Girls like this are mostly considered two of the following: “Popular”, or “Bullies”. Some people think that they’re popular because they are mean to people, and they act like their 19 instead of their proper age. Just like what I said before, you should try to open up a little more. You know that your acting you age when your having fun! Don’t try to act like someone your not – you’re you, and no one can change that!



P.S. I just wanted to thank all of my friends who have been there for me from the start. Thanks so much! Love you guys ❤

* Name has been changed.

Dear Diary,

The girls watched a video in science class about body image and what girls do to change themselves. Afterwards we had to have an awkward discussion with all the girls in our class about how we felt. It didn’t turn out so bad. It got me thinking about something I hadn’t ever thought about before: boys are jerks. Your probably saying to yourself, “really? How did she not already know that?” Trust me, I’ve known that for a long time but after talking to my peers, guys are a lot worse than I thought. Throughout history, men have always had more rights and been treated better then women. Back in the day, they always had the most power in government and how the world works. I think that the main problem with boys at this age is that they don’t know how to treat girls right.

*Olivia, one of my classmates, was talking about how a group of boys always called her a name but there was one guy that stuck up for her. It’s guys like that that we should keep in our lives. The ones that will hang out with us and respect us with out worrying about being called gay. There are very few guys at our school that actually know how to treat us right.

I guess this just means we have to keep standing up for ourselves. Sometimes men and women think women are the weaker more fragile gender. But let me just say that we go through a lot more trouble and pain in our lives than guys ever do. I’m not saying men aren’t as strong as we are but the forces of nature just decided that we have to go through the hardest things.


*Name has been changed.


4 thoughts on “Good Life

  1. that’s because nature knew we could take it better than they could. much better. also, girls are bullied way more often than guys, the cases are jst more confidential with words rather than actions.

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