Somebody told me

Somebody told me


Always City Chic

Always City Chic
Hey girls. I was thinking about a night, or a day out in the city. For the day, depending on the weather, I would go with a pair of shorts and a cute shirt. If it is chilly or moderately warm, I would go with a pair of longer shorts ad a shirt with some longer sleeves. You could also use a cute dress, like the peach dress with the floral or watercolor-ish diagonal stripe. It is cute, functional and flirty. But if it is warm, a cute pair of shorts and an adorable tank top  could look good. For the beach, the lace swatch, in a shirt would look super cute over the peach bathing suit shown above as a coverup. Maxi dresses, shorts, lacy tops, and cute purses are all city chic for this summer. Peach-ish colors are very in this summer. Skinny belts, too. For the night, I suggest a black dress depending on the occasion, with a cute  hat and some bangles. If you go with a different color dress, I would say a silver or gold chunky necklace and some stud earrings. Shorts are good for nights too, so you don’t have to worry about smoothing your dress down all the time. I would suggest a dress, because for our ages, in the teens, should not be partying in downtown Chicago all night. Most of our occasions downtown are dinners and maybe a ballet or a play or an opera. Use this to your advantage to help pick out outfits for days and nights in the city!

Feminine Fashion

Feminine Fashion
 Hey, Chicas!
First off, I hope you like the blog’s new look! I changed it up a bit because I thought our blog need a fresh look. Anyways, I made this polyvore because I always talk about edgy style and I forget about how much I love feminine style. If you want to look casual and cute for the summer, try any of these items or similar ones to look effortlessly beautiful. In my opinion, gold and peach are very feminine colors along with light brown and tan. Pastels such as rose pink and mint green give the collage of clothing items a sweet yet haunting side. If you are looking for a hairstyle that screams feminine, I recommend straight hair or a simple sloppy side braid. Straight hair gives you a more proper look but the messy side braid is a casual take on femininity.



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