Summer Outfits (other than dresses)

Summer Outfits (other than dresses)
Lately, we have been posting only dresses on our polyvores. I thought that people need to open their eyes to see that there is more than dresses. Please enjoy these summer outfits that I have chosen. You can’t wear dresses every day!
Luv U!

Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin'
Hey girls!
It’s me, Claudie!
I wanted to talk about first dates over the summer. I was inspired for the title by the Grease song, Summer Lovin’. I seemed to enjoy this, but I wanted to share with you  about what to wear to a first date over the summer. You want to be fun and playful, but not trashy. Most clothes that you see people wear on a date are kind of trashy. But on a first date, wear something more conservative than you would on let’s say a fiftieth date. Wear something to match the occasion. If you are going to a dinner with your guy’s family, wear something sophisticated. If you are going to a movie, wear something comfortable, yet fashionable. ALWAYS remember accessories. They can dress an item up or down. If you have a cute sundress that you would like to wear to the beach, pick out a pair of cute sunglasses, maybe a floppy sunhat and some cute bangles. if you want to wear it to a dinner, wear a jean jacket and a long or chunky necklace for some flair. Accessories can make or break your outfit. If your are going for a casual walk with your cutie, don’t make it look like you are going to the Queen of England’s afternoon tea. Talk about scaring him away! Look cute and playful, but don’t look like a you-know-what. 🙂 Don’t forget your fun, flirty personality to seal the deal!!
Have fun this summer!