Starry Eyed

Starry Eyed


Lipstick Galore

Lipstick Galore
Hola chicas! It feels like its been forever since I’ve posted! Sorry about that. I really wanted to create a Polyvore all about lipstick, and about what colors look good on you, what colors don’t…What colors are hot this summer and what colors make me wanna throw up….You get my point. I just felt very lipstick-y today! I hope to later on talk about eye shadow and to create a Polyvore for it, but I’ll save that for next week! Make sure to check it out! Anyways, the thing about lipstick is that you have to find your color. You need to stay in your very own “color range”. To me, its something where if red is your lipstick color (meaning it looks good on you and you feel good in it) then only stick to reds. You can try other colors too, but make sure to stick with what looks best. Don’t wear lipstick that doesn’t make you feel pretty! For my lipgloss, I like using Maybelline, M.A.C., and Mary Kay. Try to find lipgloss or chap stick that will help chapped lips. I like to use the Mary Kay brand for my chapped lips. The color that can look good on anybody, is a peachy, salmon, mealon-y color. It can bring out anybody’s lips!



Top 10 Make Up Products

Top 10 Make Up Products
1. Love & Beauty GLOW IN THE DARK 🙂 nail polish from
This lovely polish comes in many different colors and even glows in the dark! Love & Beauty’s nail polish is very inexpensive and lasts for a while. This nail polish would be fun to wear at a sleepover or camp out so you can show off your glowing nails to your friends.
2. Stress Relief body mist
Remember Sammy’s article about stress relief? Breathe in and out. Now you can breathe in the sweet stress relief body mist from bath and body works. This mist is good for a spa themed sleepover or just for relaxing after a tough day at school.
3. Yves Saint Laurent Lip Stick
A perfect coral colored lip stick for spring.
4. Body Butter
Body Butter lotion is really great for dry skin. The winter is ending, so it’s time to end your dry winter skin. That’s why this lotion is great for dry skin and relaxation.
5. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush
Everyone needs a splash of color this spring. This comes in different shades that compliment your skin tone.
6. Maybelline Eye Shadow
Us girls have lots to do all day long! We need make up that will last. Maybelline eye shadow is long lasting and brightly colored so you won’t have to worry about it fading away. It’s practically tattooed on. Until you have to wash if off, of course!
7. Yves Saint Laurent Make Up Case
This lovely make up case isn’t only good for carrying make up, but all your other beauty needs as well.
8. Juicy Tubes
They may not have flavors, but this lip gloss is colorful, glossy, and long lasting!
9. Chanel Number 19 Perfume
Sweet smelling perfume that is so worth it’s price.
10. Great Lash Mascara
America’s most voluminous mascara!