Stole my Heart

Stole my Heart


Pink and One Blue Dress

Pink and One Blue Dress

TIBI cut out dress
$502 –

Alice Olivia summer tank dress
£300 –

Button front dress
$105 –

Mini dress
$100 –

Coral dress

Mini dress

Balmain scoop neck tank
€345 –

Sheer tank top
$38 –

Victoria s Secret racer back tank
$25 –

White tee

H&M ballerina shoes
£7.99 –

Pink clutch

Juicy Couture brass jewelry
$58 –

Juicy Couture sparkle jewelry
$52 –

Mango iris jewelry
£5.99 –

Juicy Couture pink sunglasses
$125 –

Juicy Couture makeup
$45 –

Christian Dior nail polish
$23 –


Gosh, don’t you just love vintage? It never goes out of style, unlike the fads of fashion at school. this year, vintage at its best comes from thrift stores. The are sooo common, but the most common one by me is called Divine Consign Trends. It is in downtown Oak Park, Right by Eric’s Deli, Which is right by one of my favorite VERY expensive stores, Anana’s. It has great clothes, but nothing beats cheep prices and vintage all in one.
More later!