Jean Shorts

Jean Shorts
Read all about this polyvore set in the fashion column! -Claire

A Guide to DRESSing

A Guide to DRESSing
Dresses are a major trend in summer and pretty much year round because they are easy and fashionable to wear. Dresses can be pulled off by any body type, including people shaped kind of like rulers, meaning that they do not have many cures. They can also work on curvy people by accentuating those curves, thus making the human under the clothing look absolutely fabulous! They can also work on people in between. Make sure that whenever you are at a store and want to buy a dress, TRY IT ON!!!!!! Most of the time the dress doesn’t look good, and then you save some money.
Hope the tips helped!

Casual Yet Chic

Hobo Chic
Hey girls!
I was completely inspired by this gorgeous warm weather so I made this polyvore set.
The mint green backpack is so cool and laid back, especially with the color. It seems as if it would cool you off on the hot days at school. Mint green is soothing color, which relaxes your mind. Perfect for the last few stressful weeks of school. The creme top looked incredible with the torn short shorts. It’s the perfect combination of delicate feminine and 70’s wear. It is also laid back, and a very neutral color, so it matches virtually any other color. The gold t-strap sandals match with any outfit, but just make sure not to wear silver with them. The earrings and bangles are very chic and feminine, yet match many things as well. Sunglasses are a perfect match with this outfit. They disguise your face the perfect amount as if to say, “I’m so fabulous I need shades to hide from the paparazzi.” They also provide blockage from the sun, for those of us that have weaker eyes. The lipstick and blush are very feminine, pulling the entire look together into one heck of an ensemble.
I’ll post more about this later,



Madewell fitted dress
$138 –

Cotton Candy striped dress
$125 –

J Crew silk blouse
$100 –

Madewell polka dot cardigan
$75 –

Elizabeth and James tuxedo blazer
$395 –

Madewell striped shorts
$98 –

MAYA winged shoes

Furla rubber handbag
$198 –

Chanel leather shoulder handbag
£1,950 –

Cotton Candy necklace
$34 –

Christian Dior lacquer nail
$23 –

Cotton Candy 2-Ounce Tubs 12-Piece Case
$3 –