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A Guide to DRESSing

A Guide to DRESSing
Dresses are a major trend in summer and pretty much year round because they are easy and fashionable to wear. Dresses can be pulled off by any body type, including people shaped kind of like rulers, meaning that they do not have many cures. They can also work on curvy people by accentuating those curves, thus making the human under the clothing look absolutely fabulous! They can also work on people in between. Make sure that whenever you are at a store and want to buy a dress, TRY IT ON!!!!!! Most of the time the dress doesn’t look good, and then you save some money.
Hope the tips helped!

9 Spring Styles

9 Spring Styles
1. This spring uneven skirts are coming in! Dare to be daring and get one. They come in many colors and many prices, so you can get one that matches your style and your budget.
2. The macrame short is amazing. They come in many colors, sizes, and prices  so no one has an excuse for not having one this summer. The macrame short goes with solid color tops, and some lightly printed ones as well.
3. Everyone has their favorite wallet. Wallets come in any color, with any pattern, and any price. I personally love the brightly colored fold-out wallets for this summer. They match the bright personality of summer, and make any outfit seem happy.
4. Gladiator sandals are amazing! They are not as uncomfortable as flip flops, but give the same affect which is good for long days at the pool or hanging with your friends. I like the fringe shown on these sandals, and many gladiators come with this extra fringe. It adds a little bit of chic to the shoe and is a nice touch for a otherwise plain brown shoe.
5. Mini this, mini that. No more minis! Mini dresses and mini skirts are cute, but what is really in this spring and summer are midi dresses. The one shown above is in a bright color which is good for summer, but if bright colors are not on your list this season then you can find midi dresses everywhere in every color.
6. The baby doll collar was featured in Teen Vogue’s March 2012 issue, so I may be a little late, but the baby doll collar never really made a mark. I think it can do so much more. This adorable design can be found on tanks, blouses, and dresses so you can make your own decision.
7. Collected, clustered bracelets are so cool. I sound so cliche saying that, but its true. I love the whole rag look that it has and I think that it is really modern and fashionable to wear them.
8. Long dream-catcher earrings are cute and go with almost everything. I just recently purchased a pair from Charming CHARLIE and I love them! They are so modern and have this cool look that can make an outfit pop.
9. Again, dare to be daring and put on some neon eye color. This is a great addition to any outfit and you can wear it with lots of things. If you aren’t daring enough to cover your entire lid, then just dab a little on your finger and lightly apply and desired.
So start saving up for your 9 must haves of spring and summer.
Have fun shopping!
Katie 🙂

Pink and One Blue Dress

Pink and One Blue Dress

TIBI cut out dress
$502 –

Alice Olivia summer tank dress
£300 –

Button front dress
$105 –

Mini dress
$100 –

Coral dress

Mini dress

Balmain scoop neck tank
€345 –

Sheer tank top
$38 –

Victoria s Secret racer back tank
$25 –

White tee

H&M ballerina shoes
£7.99 –

Pink clutch

Juicy Couture brass jewelry
$58 –

Juicy Couture sparkle jewelry
$52 –

Mango iris jewelry
£5.99 –

Juicy Couture pink sunglasses
$125 –

Juicy Couture makeup
$45 –

Christian Dior nail polish
$23 –