Jean Shorts

Jean Shorts
Read all about this polyvore set in the fashion column! -Claire

A Guide to DRESSing

A Guide to DRESSing
Dresses are a major trend in summer and pretty much year round because they are easy and fashionable to wear. Dresses can be pulled off by any body type, including people shaped kind of like rulers, meaning that they do not have many cures. They can also work on curvy people by accentuating those curves, thus making the human under the clothing look absolutely fabulous! They can also work on people in between. Make sure that whenever you are at a store and want to buy a dress, TRY IT ON!!!!!! Most of the time the dress doesn’t look good, and then you save some money.
Hope the tips helped!

Feminine Fashion

Feminine Fashion
 Hey, Chicas!
First off, I hope you like the blog’s new look! I changed it up a bit because I thought our blog need a fresh look. Anyways, I made this polyvore because I always talk about edgy style and I forget about how much I love feminine style. If you want to look casual and cute for the summer, try any of these items or similar ones to look effortlessly beautiful. In my opinion, gold and peach are very feminine colors along with light brown and tan. Pastels such as rose pink and mint green give the collage of clothing items a sweet yet haunting side. If you are looking for a hairstyle that screams feminine, I recommend straight hair or a simple sloppy side braid. Straight hair gives you a more proper look but the messy side braid is a casual take on femininity.


Gosh, don’t you just love vintage? It never goes out of style, unlike the fads of fashion at school. this year, vintage at its best comes from thrift stores. The are sooo common, but the most common one by me is called Divine Consign Trends. It is in downtown Oak Park, Right by Eric’s Deli, Which is right by one of my favorite VERY expensive stores, Anana’s. It has great clothes, but nothing beats cheep prices and vintage all in one.
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Cut out top
$15 –

Miss Selfridge black skirt
$65 –

Oasis wrap skirt
$35 –

Cotton socks
$15 –

Sports activewear
$2.80 –

Pink shoes
$78 –

Pointy shoes

Winged shoes

MAYA platform shoes

Short Sleeve Leotard,GM102
$33 –

Discount Dance Supply
21 AUD –