Fiction: The Grocery Store to a Five-year-old

Fiction: The Grocery Store to a five-year-old

I remember going to the grocery store with my mom when I was little every Saturday. It was always an important part of my childhood to scour the aisle full of cheap unicorn figurines and then throw a temper tantrum if my mom didn’t get me what I wanted. I’ve gone to Jewel so many times that I named each part of it. The big sort of ware house looking part of Jewel was the scary part. I never had a name for the regular aisles but I did call the frozen section the meadow. I guess it’s just because of the fake grass that was on top of the shelf. They’ve changed Jewel around now and so the flower room, as I called it, is gone. It was this small room with glass windows and shelves that were filled with flowers. It was the perfect environment for the flowers and me but it’s gone now. The other thing they took away was their small coffee shop thing. It was a small part of the “warehouse” that had tables and fake brambles of ivy around it. Whenever I look there now it’s just filled with giant cardboard boxes.


My Lame Apology!

I’m so so so so so sooooooooo sorry that I didn’t haven’t written anything in so long. Tomorrows a half-day at school, so I’ll probably get more writing in before the end of the month and then we move on to February. I’m writing like 20 posts ahead of time that I will be able to post once a day so I don’t lose anyones interest. I’m sure everyone knows that February is 70’s month! We’re excited for that. Did you know that there is such thing as a Fwooper? No, I’m just kidding. It’s from Harry Potter. If I could have any mystical creature as a pet it would be this Fwooper. This means you, Santa.

More coming!


What’s the next holiday?

I am so bored and tired these days! I need a new jolly holiday to count down to since Christmas is over. Well guess what?


I looked up random holidays and apparently there is one everyday this month. Tomorrow is national blonde brownie day. I will be celebrating by eating/baking brownies. The 25th is opposite day! That will be entertaining.

Incredible kid day might be on my birthday! The reason I said “might” is because I don’t exactly know which day my birthday is. It could be either the fifteenth or the thirteenth. My parents say it’s the 15th but my very tiny hospital bracelet said the 13th.

I’m so confused.

Love ya.


How does a trend begin?

Vocabulary time: How does a trend begin?

Blouses, black skinny jeans, dresses, cardigans, ponytails, straight hair and more. These are all things that every teen has worn, or is now wearing. But why and how?

A trend begins when a group of people start wearing a fashionable style or item one or more times. You can call it a fad, trend, or style, but it really comes down to whether or not that group of people look good in what they are wearing.

Here’s an example: You go to school and find suddenly that everyone is wearing a color, style of shirt, jeans, e.t.c. You would most likely try to wear that the next day if you liked what you saw, and therefore a trend is born.

Now, it may not always be that obvious, but you get it.

Also, a trend can begin by a popular store putting out a new collection or a specific type of style. Then, if people go to that store they see the new clothing and buy it. Soon, everyone has that one style of clothing.

Sometimes, a trend is short. Do you remember when everyone had a chicken feather in their head? I do, but now people have been molting the feathers, except for a few.

But on the contrast, they can be very, very long. For instance, are you still wearing short sleeves in the winter? This might have begun a while ago, but still teens are wearing tanks in the middle of January.

So, an over view. A trend is defined in the dictionary as; style or vogue. But my definition is ‘a period of time where everyone catches on to a style, color, or item.’

Trying to make vocabulary more enjoyable,


Color Vibes Part 2

I always wear nighttime colors! This color vibes post is based on the stars and the moon or in other words nighttime dressing. A night out is an opportunity to stand out. With glittery and pearly pieces, all eyes will be on you. I don’t know. I guess I like to match with the moon and the stars.

These pictures below aren’t exactly for dressing but they go with my theme of moon and stars.

I found this picture online and it reminds me of that 70’s movie, Paper Moon. It’s a confusing movie but I think it’s about a girl who’s mom died so she has no where to stay. A conman who is her father agrees to take her for a while and they go along on a trip selling bibles to people.





I’ve always been a huge fan of the glittery eyeshadow thing. It’s super feminine, especially because of the long eyes lashes and heavily lined eyes. When you decide to do this look, it’s important to make sure that that the lashes aren’t clumped together. You can use clear gel to straighten out any clumps and bumps.

Colorful Vibes

My favorite words: simple and colorful.

These pictures are just showing my mood for Beginnings. My friends and I have been thinking and thinking. We can’t seem to think of what to write about that goes with our theme of Beginnings. The dictionary describes beginnings as the point in time or space at which something starts. I describe beginnings as a fresh start, a new year, and a chance to start over.

Real 70’s Style

Real 70’s style

We’ve seen the fake impressionists of seventies wear, and we have all seen the hippies. But are the hippies really the real deal?

My answer is no. Everyone has heard of the fashion magazine Vogue. It is the fashion bible. So you can just imagine how great they were in the seventies! Here are some of my favorite covers.

I love the braid wrap around thing! I wish I knew how to do that!































According to my mom, it was a really big thing to have phones that matched your outfit. The brand new photo shoot with Elle Fanning for Teen Vogue actually had her holding a blue phone that matched her blue dress!

As you can see the strange fashions and hair are great inspiration. These photos are from around 40 years ago and still are inspiring great things today in society. The insanely beautiful art like way of the photos shows each model in a special way. I love it!

This is what its all about. The seventies were not all hippies and flower power, but fashion and art flourished under the care of some of the most amazing musicians and people who ever lived.

Lets keep the seventies alive by reusing and recycling some of the old trends. Remember: Recycle and make something new come alive, but also reuse the old.


New Years Resolutions (Katie)

New Beginnings:

Once I had a friend say to me, “I need a new beginning”. It was the moment of realization from the heart and a modest truthful start to a brand new life.

Every new year, I make the wishes to get a dog, find what I’m good at, and make every day worth living. And every year I find something in every category (except the dog).

But new beginnings aren’t just the cheesy old every year tradition of New Years. It’s a chance to try again, to start over, and to find yourself again.

Here’s a list of some of my quirky goals to start over and find life:

  1. Live in the world of quotes
  2. Get straight A’s school wise
  3. Blog
  4. Learn one phobia or long word a day
  5. Find some new yummy foods!
  6. Relax with a cup o’ tea or coffee once a day
  7. Write these down and never lose the paper like the last set of these last year.


So you see, Inspiration for your new beginning is everywhere. Find it, and keep it where you want.

Always love yourself, and love your life.

Quote for next New Year’s Eve, “It loved to happen”. So that also counts for today.

An easy way to begin your new chapter of life is to list out your goals and past accomplishment. This gives you a sense of pride from the past, and courtesy for the future. Its always good to love who you are and what you do.

I started over last year by almost completely changing the people I surround myself with. Long story. Not that I’m advising you to do the same, but I was in a desperate situation. Enough about that.

This year, I plan to be myself and not let the influence of school life wear me down. Math can try, but it will be defeated!!!

Long story short; I could ramble on and on and on and on about this, but New beginnings are a great way to think about life. Every day is a page in the book of you, and every year you live through is another chapter completed. Start out by writing a good story on your new clean slate. Its all you and what you do!

Yours truly,


Killer Clogs!

My cousins, Chiara and Gaia, wear these really awesome heels that are really high and colorful. In Mexico I met a girl who had these chunky clog like shoes that were cherry red and later I saw her in a wheel chair because she tripped so many times. I’m not super coordinated, so I can only look at these heels and envy them! Here are some of my favorite “Killer Heels.”

(All the pictures are from