March (Editor’s Letter)

Editor’s Letter (March)

Doesn’t every normal girl stand a little too close to the mirror when exaiming a pimple? Doesn’t every normal girl freak out over their looks? Don’t worry, girls!

March’s theme is The Ultimate Beauty Guide. It’s all about inner and outer beauty!

The beauty column is going to be epic of course! The whole theme revolves around it! It will be updated weekly if not daily and be dishing about the best ways to deal with acne or the best treatment for your skin type.

Christina’s Column is going to be discussing how to do things for yourself like meditate, to relax. Also healthy and delicious snacks for you to make!

2012 spring fashion is going to be amazing. We have so many new ideas for spring outfits!

Trends is going to be talking a lot about anything new! New apps, new clothing styles, and of course new trends. This column will help you keep an eye out for upcoming beauty and fashion trends for the spring.

B e yourself

E xpress yourself

A lways relax

U are beautiful

T ake a little time to relax

Y ou are important

Bye bye,



A Break

No, wait! I’m not breaking up with you!

The Famine of Fashion staff has decided to take a break from posting anything until March. I kind of realized the 70’s isn’t general enough for a theme and so we are waiting ’till March to really start writing.

March Theme: The Ultimate Beauty Guide!

I hope that’s general enough for us to keep up on our posting!!!



Valentine’s Day?

Kay. What’s with the question mark, Claire? My answer: Because love is just confusing. Like Harry and Hermione (even though they remain friends). Or Allie and Noah from the Notebook. Or even Jim and Pam from the Office.

This Valentine’s day was just awkward. There were the super awesome people who handed out cupcakes and other sugar related snacks. Then there’s the people like me who give nothing and dress like it’s Hanukah. That’s right! I wore a white and blue striped dress to school. I guess you could say that I am a blue valentine or whatever. Or that I’m wearing school spirit because those are our school colors. One teacher handed out heart shaped erasers. Sigh. The only thing I learned today in that tragic place called school is that the spanish have valentine’s day too but their’s is for lovers and friends. So it’s not awkward there like it is here. Also, it’s in September. The day was ended with character ed. instead of gym (thank god), where we learned about dangers of Facebook.

Happy Valentine’s Day! (To all the lonely people . . . . . . . and couples)


Eternal Coziness

I had an awful stomach ache today from who knows what. Maybe it was those christmas m and m pancakes I had for breakfast? Anyway, I got to stay home all day, wrapped up in a purple blanket by the fire. While it sucks to be sick there are also upsides like missing school. This article is for you, who ever you are, and your well being. It’s about how to have fun when your stuck at home and sick.

I highly recommend setting up camp on a comfy couch or chair near a T.V. where you can spend the day reading, watching T.V., or pigging out (I’m talking nutella straight out of the jar!). Before you get settled, try to have everything you are going to need close by such as: a phone, books, t.v. remote, food, magazines, or beverages. Trust me, when your sick your not going to want to get up and get all these things yourself. So, like I was saying, you need to be entertained. Getting sick sucks, so try to make the best of it. Don’t just lie in bed and stare at the ceiling or you’ll just think about your symptoms and feel worse. Being distracted will make you feel ten times better.

Good t.v. shows to watch when you are sick can vary from reality t.v. to disney channel. Try to find something you like to watch that will keep you entertained. Sleeping is also good to do when your sick. Of course it’s not exactly fun, but it will make you feel a bit better.

I’ve never actually tried this but giving yourself all sorts of spa treatments will help as well. Facials, manicures, pedicures whatever it may be it will help you to feel more confident in yourself. Also, it’s great to go back to school the next day looking well rested and stupendous.

Hope this helps!


Ps: Don’t get sick. 🙂

PPS: Tea when you are sick is amazing!

Best Thing Ever: Munchies!

Munchies! (Also known as snacks but Munchies sounds better.) Perfect snacks for the constant muncher.

1. Chocolate

Chocolate is sugary sweetness without too much sugar. In other words, the best treat ever. Chocolate bars, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cookies, etc. are all yummiful(made it up) munchies. There are so many kinds of chocolates and the main two are milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Vosges is a chocolate brand that has so many different kinds of chocolate bars. Bacon chocolate, peppermint chocolate, salt chocolate, caramel chocolate, and many more. So next time you go to Whole Foods, trick your taste buds with these exotic chocolate flavors.

2. Chips

I love sugar and all but I need something salty at times and salted chocolate is not going to cut it, so I turn to my good old friend, chips. You can pretty much get chips of all kinds anywhere. Lays are the most common types of chips but can get super gross n’ greasy. Jalenpeño chips are great. They aren’t as spicy as they sound but they do start to burn a bit after a few munches. In my opinion the worst kind of chips are pop chips. They don’t taste very good and I swear I got a hairy one one time.

3. Crackers

Yeah I know. Your probably thinking, aren’t those just like chips? The answer is no and yes. They are crunchy like chips but crackers have more flavors and ingredients then chips do. Like sandwich crackers. I love the cheese and peanut butter sandwich crackers. It sounds much more disgusting then it is but trust me, you can’t really taste the cheese at all.

Peace. Love. Munchies.


Knife in your Back


How does it feel when you’ve been let down by someone? You trusted them with something important and they completely forget about it? They take advantage of you? They lie to you? We’re girls, right? So many annoying people are out in the world just waiting to meet us. Whether they are liars or haters, your eventually going to need a way to stay out of the way of these people. These are the kind of people that get on my nerves. Here’s the different types of them and how to deal with them.

1. The Extreme Liar

There is always that one person that lies about everything. You just want to tell them that if they only speak lies your not interested in hearing what they have to say. I think the best way to deal with this sort of person is to avoid them. If they talk to you and walk up to you in the hallway be polite but don’t act like your really into talking to them. Confronting them about their lying can also be a good idea. Then again, it can be a terrible idea. The worst kind of liar will not admit that they have been lying to you. It’s important to make it clear that you want the truth and don’t appreciate lying.

2. The Extreme Brat

I can almost guarantee you will come across someone in your life that you want to smack. They may not realize they brag about everything, but they do. I know this girl that tells me about how rich she is. The best thing to do about people like this is to ignore them. Leave them alone. Your obviously more mature than they are and so it’s best to set an example. Don’t brag or mock but be courteous and civil. Don’t turn into that absolutely annoying spoiled brat that people in school do their best to avoid.

3. The Untrustables

People you meet can give you a bad inkling and it’s always good to trust your gut. If someone makes you uncomfortable the best thing to do is keep your distance and lock up your stuff!

Hope this helps a bit,



Modern 70’s Part 1(how modern day people are bringing back the old days)

In the 70’s, the makeup was either subtle or extremely showy. Everybody thinks of the 70’s as a wild time! Maybe that’s why we all use it as a reference to some of the greatest trends we have seen. We’re starting our Modern 70’s posts with makeup.

70’s makeup is kind of hard to work with. They mostly wore neutral makeup even on magazine covers such as Vogue. My favorite eye makeup from the 70’s is the cat-eye eyeliner. This is how to do the cat-eye look from Rookie Mag.

Red lips are very seventies-esque as well. I learned from Michelle Phan how to tell which shade of red lipstick looks best on you. Whenever I was little I would go into the bathroom and smother on red lipstick for what seemed like hours.

I just found out that Urban Decay had a whole collection inspired by 70’s makeup. They have an awesome roller girl themed nail kit. There’s a wide color variety from metallics to rainbow colors. My favorite color is the neon pink.




February (Editor’s Letter)

Welcome to February! This month’s theme is the 70’s, so we’re going back in time to explore on of the greatest fashion decades our world has known. We are proud to be opening a new page called DIY’s which will be written by the entire Famine of Fashion staff. January was a good month with our theme of beginnings but we’ve decided to kick it up a notch. We have periods in January where we didn’t post anything for about a week and we are trying to eliminate these awkward moments this month by writing posts ahead of time.

In fun and Christina’s column we will be talking lot’s about 70’s movies. Expect lot’s of reviews for books and movies and also fiction. Christina will be writing her own short story about growing up in the 70’s. We didn’t forget to write about music! We’re working on making playlists for the 70’s as well.

Beauty is going modern this month. We realized it contradicts the 70’s theme but it could still be fun. We have new trends coming to you straight from Teen Vogue and of course middle school. Trends will not only include clothing trends but also popular restaurants, popular music, popular websites, etc.

In fashion I will be giving you tips on how to dress like you would in the 70’s with a modern take. I’m also adding on how to dress like a 70’s style icon. Clothing store reviews are also coming.

Hope you have a great February!